Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 30 (treatment) - Play date

Since Devin has stopped putting my boots on my feet for our walks, I've been more than happy to "come" when called to go outside.

This morning we went out, but not too far.  The heat in these parts has been insane lately.  We may get a storm tomorrow. That would suit me just fine, the grass is prickly on my feet. 

When we came in from our walk, it was treatment time. Instead of going inside my nest, I wandered out to the living room and plopped myself down on the floor.

 Devin was nice and brought Blue Bunny out for me to rest my head on while I waited out the treatment.
Friends make the best pillows...
Hanging out with my friends
 I wandered into the bedroom after laying out with my friends for a bit.

Corn 1 - post morning treatment
Corn 2 -  post morning treatment
Roaching after my treatment . z z z z
Yes? Hello? Can I help you?
synchronized side roaching with sheepie
 Before heading over to Melissa's we stopped off at Nana's. Nana went into her closet to show Devin something, i saw it as a perfect chance to sneak in there and grab out my new "toys".
Don't mind me..just gonna ninja in there beside you....
Oh, there they are!
nom nom
love these things!!!
allll mineeee
hmpft* not all mine.

 Nana took my toy away from me and put it back in the closet. I was good and didn't show any
"high value" aggression.  I think me and Nana are going to be okay.   When she stopped by our place tonight to go on a quick walk with Devin and I, she called me a few times and I came.   *Progress*
watching Nana

We packed back into the car and made our way over to Melissa's.
*sniffin' the summer air*

 It was warm over at Melissa's.  Devin brought me out to my pool a few times. I stood in there, but wouldn't lay down. Devin used my towel and soaked me so the fans would do their thing in cooling me down.

blah - heat
long way down..

resting - thinking of sailboats and cool breezes
 Getting read to leave, Elly came to hang out beside me.  She was a bit too bouncy earlier on in the day and annoyed me. I let out a "roowoof". Her mommy told her to leave me alone, it was too hot.

Elly n' me
back home and crashed hard. 
 Devin had to wake me up for my evening foot treatment. I thought by laying quietly on the bed it would be forgotten about for the night.
post evening treatment - Corn 1
Corn 2 - post evening treatment


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