Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day

We are laying low today.  The heat outside is just too hot for my stringy physique.

Devin and I went for our morning walk a little later than our normal time.  Devin compromised with me, I didn't have to wear my boots until i started to get a wee bit of a limp on. If and when that happened I'd have to put them on.
I made it down the strip, but when it was time to turn back and come home, on the boots went.  Almost made it!
I'd rather just lay here than put those silly boots on.  Nope, not gonna move.
My nest door was closed on me again... Devin sure is sneaky!  On with the foot treatments...
Corn 1 is coming along nicely.  Still not ready to come out, but getting there.  Corn 2 is sloooowly showing itself.  I say slowly, but it's really only 3 applications in and its showing itself. 

Plastic feet
Corn 1
Corn 1
Corn 2

We don't have any plans for today.  We'll just take the day as it comes.  I'm more than content hanging out at home.


PS - Quick shot out to my Cousins Huddy and Raya who are traveling by air today to get to the camp.
Safe Travels everyone!  xo

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