Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 33 (treatment) RAIN!!!!! :)

(last night before Devin went to work)
Devin got up early from an afternoon snooze to get my "evening" treatment done before work.
zz z Do i have to?
Treatment feet - squishing my face
Corn 2
Corn 1
 Nana came over to take me out. It was far too hot for me to do what I had to do before Devin left for work.  Yay for Nana's!

In appreciation of knowing that Nana was going to come over to bring me out, i decided to work on yet another arts n' crafts project.  When Nana arrived, she picked it up my art work and placed it in the "art basket".
My art work!
 I had to wait for Nana to clean up the dishes and my other KONGS before I was to get my evening KONG.
patiently waiting..... and listening
 Devin came home this morning to find me on the bed (you can't see me in the photo, i'm hidden) and with one of my pieces of art on the floor.
Art work :)
When we went outside for our morning walk, it began to sprinkle.  I found me some sweet fresh sprouts to nom nom nom on.  We made it down the block and the clouds just dumped rain on us.  The rain made me want to zoooooomiiieeee.  Devin had to cut me off a few times from starting up on a zoomie. *hehe*
Finally rain!  Maybe I'll have more sprouts to nom nom nom on.  Lately it has been slim pickings.

Selecting a sprout
 I tore up and down the hall like a crazy fool; likely waking a few neighbours in the process.   After I got the zoomies out of my system, we can in for some breakfast. Shortly after breakfast I found myself in my nest getting my morning treatment.
I love this bunny, thanks Nana for thinking of me before I came "home".
Morning Treatment - Day 33  Corn 2
Morning Treatment - Day 33 Corn 1
 Time to hit the hay again :)

(morning zoomie video - post walk in the rain)


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