Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 21 (treatment) - Hide and Seek

Devin and I got outside this morning before the sun started beating down.  We walked the big loop!
Towards the end of the walk (sans boots) my feet were getting sore.  Devin suggested a few times to me that I should walk on the grass.  Duh, why didn't I think of that.   Devin has the best ideas, sometimes...

When we got home it was time for me to dive into my morning foot treatment time.
Using the arm rest as a head/neck rest
Corn 1
Corn 2
After my foot treatment we went over to Nana's house to place the laundry on the line.  I laid with Nana and Bob while Devin tossed the clothes up on the line.
I do enjoy the fresh air
Mini ETS
and back to napping
My belly has become more bare.  Devin is going to switch me off the "senior" food and put me back on my 1-5yrs stuff.
my thigh/bum hair has thinned, i've been chomping at my groin.  Seems all kinda coincidental that all this happened shortly after I began the "senior" recipe.
Corn 1 - good lighting

squinty eyed sleeps
 Devin had to run off (again) today.  I was given my KONGS to keep me busy.   Earlier this morning after our morning walk, when Devin went to put the laundry in I had a short bout of the "cries". Gonna blame that on the fact that Devin left me yesterday too for a few hours.  I thought "off days" meant we got to hang out together?? What's going on lately.  Lately = 2 days

Evening foot treatment time
plastic wrap feet
corn 1
Corn 1
Corn 2
 Nana came by to drop off the laundry that was out on the line and of course to visit with me.  I was being my usual antisocial self.  Devin decided to try and entice me out from my nest with dehydrated liver snacks.
Thinking about it...
Do I really want it....
maybe.. er...
 Devin played a game with me.  I was running back into my nest after gobbling up my snacks from the floor. 
Devin pulled out a few of my toys and hide my snacks under it.  I had to go looking for the the snack pieces.  I did a pretty good job at finding my snacks.
Back in the safety of my nest
keeping my space/distance from Nana
 One of the times Devin got me out from my nest with a snack... I was tricked!  Devin closed my nest door. I popped up on the couch, but only to curl up at the far end, away from my Nana.

I did eventually let Nana pet me.  Devin pet me first and continued to do so while Nana gave me a few pats.
Slow and steady wins it.  

Time for bed,

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