Wednesday, July 4, 2012

False Starts and Day 20 (treatment) ~Happy 4th of July~

Devin forgot to turn the alarm clock off last night.  Needless to say when the waves started crashing and the tugboat started honking its horn, i was up and and off.  Devin quickly called me back and told me to go back to bed. *hmpft*  Apparently we weren't getting up at 4am.  Back to bed for a few hours, then up and at 'em. We had breakfast then Devin went to work on my paws for me.
What if I just ignore you and "pretend" to sleep
hmm, not sure which corn this is.
Out cold again - Full belly makes me sleepy
When Devin removed my boot the velcor was pulled in the opposite direction while Devin tried to slip off the boot. I didn't take kindly to this and let out a yelp.  After my yelp my lips got caught up and around my teef.
lips stuck up and around my teef
 Devin was killing two birds with one stone (what a nasty expression).  While administering my paw treatment, Devin was also reading.  I tried to take a few nibbles out of Devin's literature.  I guess I'll have to learn the difference between "good" arts and craft material and "bad" stuff.
Can't read upside down. Mind flipping this for me?
Hanging out on my bed... waiting...
 Devin went out today leaving me with my KONGS. I pulled the empty paper roll from the garbage again, and AGAIN i left it exactly where i left it the other day.  Wish Devin would leave my things alone. I'm tired of searching them out. 

Evening treatment -  Devin's decided to try and get as many 2 day treatments in on work days.  My foot response much "gooder" when I have the treatment twice a day, rather than once a day.

Corn 2
Corn 1
Curled up like a mantis
hmm...what's that?? CHICKEN!!!
Silly smiles
lips stuck on teef again
 Devin gave me the empty roll from my "plastic wrap" to chomp on while I waited for my evening treatment to be over with.
Oh? Don't mind if i do!
*insert caption here*   :)   nom nom
Can someone take these "mitts" off??
Flute?  Yankee Doodle Went To Town.... (celebrating my July 4th)
tweet tweet
This is goodness!
And then Devin took my "flute" from me.  Le sigh
Shinny black feet.  Devin gave my back feet a massage with some bag balm while I wanted for my treatment to be over.
Post treatment Corn 2
Post treatment corn 1
I hope everyone had a safe July 4th! 


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