Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 17 (Evening Treatment)

I spent the better part of my going between the couch, my bed and my nest.  I think i'm still recouping from Friday's events.

Devin ALMOST forgot that today was my heart worm, flea/tick med day.  I didn't even bother chewing the heart worm med, i just open my throat and let it fall down into my tummy.    Now the flea/tick meds were another story.   I wasn't moving for anything, so Devin had to try and get me to move about for the application.   Good thing the couch has a cover on it!
How I spent my 2nd Canada Day
 Devin had a friend pop by for a bit today.  I let her pet me.  Nana don't get jealous, we will have our day yet. :)
Stranger (not so stranger) hand petting me.
 Treatment time came - Corn 2 is really sensitive to touch.
Corn 2
Corn 1
Corn 1
Getting a few snacks
Please, may i have another??
Ah, finally...the big couch allll to myself
Stretched out...
Streeetcccch   z z z z z z
Super star!   z z z z
 No AM treatments tomorrow.  Devin has to work days. 
I got to walk outside this evening without my boots. I didn't hobble too bad, so Devin let me get away with it.

Until tomorrow~


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