Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 19 (Treatment) MORE Arts n' Crafts

Devin totally psyched me out this morning.  When the alarm clock (tugboat sound and waves crashing) went off i bolted from bed.  Breakfast time!!!

I ran directly from my bed in the bedroom into my nest.  Devin was sneaky and filled my food bowl.  I came out from my nest when Devin came out with my food bowl filled, on the counter it was placed.  I should have known from the hesitation that something was coming.

Devin quickly scooted in behind me closing my nest door. I couldn't believe what happened!  Off i was directed down the hall.  I'm slowly learning that "out" isn't a bad thing.  Devin hasn't put my boots on me for a few days now.  I walk with a concentrated look on my face, and quickly.  Perhaps if i show that i'm "tough" i can get away without having to wear them?

Anyway, back home, breakfast and KONGS were served up. 

Nana was great to come by and take me out this afternoon.  I was napping nicely on my bed until Nana came in and snapped a photo of me.
Nana flashing the camera - woke me up
Nana forgot that she closed my nest door on me.  So when we came back in from a much needed "out", I hopped up on the couch.
s'cuse me Nana, you forgot something...
I'm quite disappointment with my art supplies lately.  Devin put the same roll back in the art supply bucket (garbage).  I pulled it out and dropped it in the same place that i left it at yesterday. *phewy*
Arts n' crafts
When Devin arrived home from work, i was found up on the big bed. 
z  z  z
 I made a disaster area of my blankets on my own bed, that i thought i'd have a paw at rearranging Devin's bed.
me and my messy bed

Treatment time-
corn 2
Corn 1
waiting out the treatment....
Corn 2
corn 1
Corn 1
Anyone else have a corn like me??  I find i'm walking better now that it's really come to head. 

I have a concern i'd like to note.   WHERE ARE THE SPROUTS?????  There is a massive shortage in sprouts.  Anyone else having this problem??  I feel like i'm back in the "old country", ya know like Egypt...

Nearly bedtime :)


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