Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 34 (Treatment) *rain = sprouts!!!*

Last night I was up on the big bed when Nana came in and went all paparazzi on me.  I think she's learning from Devin.
*blink*  What?
Nana sure is sneaky.  I didn't know she put something in my dish for me until she said "look Milo, what's in here".  I popped right off the couch and found a few cranberries!
Quietly waiting
We went for a walk last night. It sure is a lot easier walking in the night air, rather than with the sun beating down on us.  Thank goodness for Nana's!

This morning when Devin came home from work, I was curled up on the bed against the pillows enjoying the fuzzy blanket.
Nana? Is that you?  No, wait..It's Devin
Up and ready to go!   Arts N' Crafts first thing in the morning
A master with his work
Nom nom * a little off the side....
Er, do i have something in my teeth??
Feeling confident with my art - Done
On our morning walk I went to town on the new sprouts that came up over night.  I'm soooo happy it finally rained. I hate to be greedy, but I wouldn't mind a bit more.  Those sprouts were yummy this morning. I was making a clear pig of myself.
After our walk, sprout buffet and breakfast, I wandered off back to bed. 
I can't say it enough, I love my pillows!
Morning Treatment time:
Corn 1
Corn 2
Maybe one day I can be try for the summer Olympics?? *tuck and zzzz*
Sometimes there just isn't a caption
That's it for now!

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