Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 35 (Treatment) Two By Two

I had Devin outside on our morning walk around 7am this morning.  I gave the ole'  Jedi Mind Trick Stare.
Devin could sense me. I've got my human trained so well!
I'm waiting...
Our morning walk was enjoyable. There wasn't any humidity for us to contend with.  With the rain we given over the past few days (on and off, more off than on) new sprouts were popping back to life!  I had a field day eating them like they weren't going to be there in the next minute. 
Nom nom nom

As we continued on our walk I spotted two black squirrels playing about on the ground.  My ears perked right up and they had my undivided attention.  As we walked closer they saw us and ran up the tree. 

When we arrived home there were two baby brown bats hanging out near the door.  I didn't pay any attention to them, Devin spotted those two.

Baby brown bats huddled together

With a full belly and walk knocked off my things to do list, I curled up on the couch with Devin and went back to sleep.  Devin took the back cushions off the couch to give us some more room.  I heard Devin mumble something about us needing a bigger couch. *hehe*
Morning foot treatment time. Devin found me at the back of my "nest". 
Corn 2
Corn 1
Foot treatment takes a lot out of me.  Back to napping on the couch
Tuck and Nap
Change of scenery. More Napping...
Oddly enough. I call this my grasshopper leg tuck n' nap
Devin thought I was chilly
Annnnnd evening treatment time:
Corn 2
Corn 1
I gave Devin a bit of a protest when it came time to take photos of my corn progress.  I gently pushed away away the human hand each time a photo attempt was made at my left foot. I went as far as trying to nibble on Devin's hand.  That was very short lived. I was told "we don't do that".  I stopped, and the last photo was taken.  *thank goodnes!*

Crossing my paws, trying to keep Devin away from my left paw


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