Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wrapped Around My Paw...

I have Nana wrapped around my little paw.  This is how my day went with her...

~She came over around 1300hrs to let me out.~
Nana gave me two treats. I got off Devin's bed and came to the kitchen. I ate the treats and ran straight into my crate. I am protesting a walk!!!
Nana I know is trying to be patient but i have a feeling it won't last long.  Nana said I may end up with a new walker person if I don't start listening to her.  Nana had another treat. I knew she was holding out on me!
Out of my crate i came. I kind of won this battle....

I took charge of my walk. I took Nana down the main street, down to the grey home and back again. 
I was given an ice cube when we arrived back home.  I curled up into the back of my crate.

Devin and Nana took me on my night stroll together.  We stopped and talked to a few people.  I have the patience of  a saint while Devin and Nana go through their usual explanation of me.  I stand still and let them pet me.  I'm pretty good like that.   Everyone things i need heaps of exercise.  Devin is quick to tell them about my couch(bed) potato tendencies. 

Anyway, so our evening walk concluded with me having a piece of a chewey and a few ice cubes.  Oh how could i forget. I came out of my crate for Devin to brush my teeth for me.  I really don't mind the brushing any longer.  Had you asked me a few months ago what i thought about this "peanut butter flavour" tooth paste and brushing scene it would have been a different story.   "Brush the teeth you want to keep".....

Here are a few photos taken from the other day:

I took a nap at Nana's while her and "Dr" Bob chatted
Checking out the veggie patch. I helped to water the remaining peppers :)

Went downstairs at Nana's. Had to check myself out in the mirror.  Damn I'm Beautiful!
Caught checking myself out

Playing with the chipmunk on Devin's (cough cough MY) bed.

Tired out

Took my Chipmunk and curled up for an afternoon nap...

Melissa came by...then Nana!  I felt like "Hefner"  :D

Pondering what to blog about....



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick update

Alive and well.  My itchy spot that i licked 'til it was a red mess has just about healed.
I had a small little red dot in the center of the new skin growth.  Lookin' good. I may just be a leg model after all.

Photos to come tomorrow.  We are on short time tonight.  It was a nice surprise to see Devin again this evening.
I didn't even get off of (Devin's) the bed.  I was a bit shocked and surprised when Devin was standing in the door way. 

I had a great walk with Nana tonight. I held off getting off the bed. I know she has lil' treats for me now. I'm not silly. 

Random*  Today i surprised Devin by eating a piece of frozen cauliflower.
When Auntie Melissa stopped for a visit Devin was cutting up some watermelon. Auntie Melissa shared a small piece with me.  It was YUMMY!

Okay it's getting late. We must head off to bed.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Devin seems to think i'm acting a little down these days.  I have been laying around a lot; that really isn't out of the ordinary for me, but i just seem a little aloof.  It's a "parents" sensing when something isn't right.

We played together this afternoon.  Devin would roll the medicine ball down the hallway and i'd run after it. I managed to pick it up and trot it back to the blanket outside of my crate. Devin would roll it back down the hall and i'd go right back after it.  We did this several times before I got bored.  Then Devin started to toss my chipmunk and squirrel down the hall for me.  I love my chipmunk. the novelty of that hasn't worn off yet!

All in all, it was a decent day.  I was surprised to see Devin home so early from work. I thought I was in for another night alone after Nana walked me.  I was wrong :)
I think I'm just missing my friends back at Bill's.

Smiles :)  Tuckered out after playing

Chasing after the medicine ball :)

Bringing it back to Devin

Oh what's that?? distracted

And moving on to my chipmunk and squirrel


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Snippy Lips and Gerbils....????

Last night I gave Nana a bit of attitude when she came over to take me out. 

I wouldn't get off Devin's bed for her.  She put on my first collar without protest, when she placed the martingale halfway over my head i growled, snipped and barked twice.  Shame on me I know.
Nana informed me on our walk (when i finally got out of bed) that if I were living with my Auntie Shelley that attitude would not be tolerated. 
My walk was uneventful really. I clipped along at a good pace. Nana wants to believe that i did that for her so she didn't have to walk in the dark.  Maybe it was part that....
Nana told me that she won't rush me anymore to get out of the house. 

This morning when Devin took me for our morning walk we came across this brown furry thing!
Devin wasn't sure what it was. Looked too big to be a mouse; more like gerbil.  It was just sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk when we came upon it.  Just a cleaning itself like there was nobody's business.
We stood there for a bit watching it.  Devin told me to leave it along. it's eyes looked small and tired.  Devin told me we don't pick on sick people.  Carefully we walked by it.  I kept looking back, curious.

On our way back home we passed it again. This time I was keen on it. My ears were perked up, and occasionally i licked my lips.  Devin reminded me again we don't pick on small things...Carefully we walked by. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. We were about a city block away when i finally stopped swinging my head back and standing stiff watching.

Here's a few photos from our walk this morning:

Friend or Snack?

Hellooooo there...



It's so small...and furry...

What is that???


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kidnapped.... It's True What They Say, My Kind Does NOT Make For A Guard Dog....

 Devin and I were having a sleep when Nana came into the house to take me out. She was real quiet; Devin woke up a bit to see Nana getting things organized. I didn't make a peep nor did i budge. I laid from my bed observing.

Nana then came into the bedroom and put on my "runaway" collar and my walking one.  I stayed on my bed. Nana told me to come. I didn't budge.  I laid there like a stubborn horse in protest.  I finally got up when Devin told me to get going, it was okay.  I wasn't too keen on the idea of someone taking me somewhere without Devin coming along.  ESPECIALLY when Devin was at home. :(

I did finally go along with Nana.  When we came back from our walk I made a quick run line to our bedroom.  Devin told me it was okay to get up on the bed. I stood there debating for a moment, then popped myself up on the bed.  NO ONE WAS GOING TO TAKE ME AWAY AGAIN. I laid there curled up in a ball with a combined look of uncertainty and disgust.   I can be so expressive at times.. :)

I did much of the same for Auntie Melissa and Auntie Sherry R when they came over to take me out last night.
I didn't want to budge. It took much convincing and even then on our walk i was lagging and didn't want to participate.

Must get going, Night shift routine again..
Nana told me she'd be back tonight for me :)


Friday, August 26, 2011

You've Got Mail.....

We did another walk down the parkway this morning. I was pretty tuckered out come the last leg of it *yawn*

On our walk back home a woman stopped to ask us were the dog show was.  We didn't know one was going on. She assumed because we were walking in the area that we may have come from it.
Devin heard that you sometimes get greyhound martingale collars at the shows.  We were kind of pinched for time. So much to get done before Devin has to go into work tonight.

We shall keep our eyes out for the next dog show.  Devin is still in search for a wider martingale collar. I must admit; i wouldn't complain if i had another collar.  This one gets a bit annoying at times. Devin is always pawing at me to lower it down on my neck.  We are also in search of a thin "runaway collar" to attach my dog tags on. right now I have a standard collar which doesn't really cut it. I mean it serves its purpose but at times Devin is pulling that down from behind my ears.  I have a tendency like my Cousin Parker to puff my neck up; so the "standard" collar doesn't fit properly.


The getting to the best part of my day...

MAIL!  My jackets are finally in.  I wasn't too keen on modeling them for Devin. I mean really, is there a need to have a winter and or rain jacket on inside the house??? It's kind of like Devin's bright idea with putting on my winter boats to march around the house.  Funny ideas that Devin has....

Without further ado MODEL poses:


Well are you going to help me open it??
Okay I feel awkward...

Er I dunno Devin... I feel like Mr. Chipmunk has fallen over laughing at me...

Are we almost done yet??? Does this make my neck look long???

Okay, that's a bit better...
Use the force Luke..... (not cooperating with "dress-up time"

Fine... I'll stand here, but I'm not going to look at you

I know i'll be warm this winter, but right now i feel dorky

Yeah, I still don't know about this...  The bribery cookie helped "some"...

Feeling Shy.  Devin tells me i'll be thankful when the bad weather comes...

So tired from all this "dress-up"... Going back to my crate.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Day Ever! (photos from last night as well)

 I don't even know where to start.  It had such a wonderful day!  So much to explore and see...

I'll break it down like this....

1) Devin and Nana took me for my morning walk this morning. Our first stop was the Post Office.  Outside the post office we ran into Jesse Winchester's dad. He is such a nice man. I got lots of pets and scratches from him :)  I hope we get to see him again soon!
Checking out the post office

Can't quite figure out the sounds coming from behind the wall....

uhm, hello Nana? Are you coming?? (Nana had to mail a letter to Auntie Shelley)

2)  While we stopped and talked to Jesse's dad the lady from the LCBO came out and cooed over me. Hehe - I still got it!  I'm a real hit with the ladies!  I tried to go inside but Devin told me I was too young to be in there.  The lady agreed.
Here's a photo of me looking inside the LCBO:
Me looking inside the LCBO - Nana and Jesse's dad reflecting in the window)

3) Nana and Devin took me for a long walk down the parkway. When our walk was all said and done we did about 2.5km.  There was so much for me to smell and see.  Devin and Nana took me down by the water (down the BIG HILL) to look at the ducks.  It was only on the way back up they noticed the Goose Landmines.  We had to walk carefully up the hill!
I went off roading

Come on Nana, this way!

Playing Shy...

Shy again...

Blue Steel Look  :D

Strike a Pose!

Handsome Me. Oh and pretty yellow flowers..

My long walk down the BIG HILL.  Nana told me that Devin used to sled down this hill YEARS AGO; at around my age.


Looking out at the ducks...

Water wasn't inviting today!

4)  LYNDA came by!!!!  Such a grety surprise!!!  no Lucy :(
But still Lynda came by for a quick visit. She gives great scratches!  I was leading my head right into her. I EVEN gave her a kiss.  Devin and I went over to her apartment for a visit.  Glen was there going through things.  I went into the bedroom to see him.  They are both such nice people.  I found one of Lucy's soft squeaky fuzzy bone shaped toys. I went to town on that.  Glen and Lynda both tossed it around for me.  I made my way into Jordan's room a few times. I managed to pull out a softball from his closet.  I chomped down on that too.  It didn't take me long to find Lucy's bed. I crashed on there chewing away on MY NEW toys; i eventually gave up on that and laid there watching Glen.
I did manage to open up their hall closet (a trick i learned while Lucy was there). It's been several months since Lucy's been here, but I KNOW that's where they used to keep her food.  I can be real sneaky/resourceful when I want/need to be. hehe
Chillin' on Lucy's bed watching Glen- softball in my armpit.

I moved too fast for my photo to be taken.
After all that play we came home. I went off to my crate and had a good snooze.
I LOVE my blue bunny.

I like squishing myself up against the crate walls

Uhm, eyes in the back of my head. I sleep sometimes with them open...

z z zz z  Z z z z

more creepy eyes....

oh yeah, this is the life....

A little smile tongue action while i sleep
My new sleeping spot during the day... *cough cough* and night... photos to follow...

Cuddle time with my sheepie while I wait for my evening walk with Nana and Devin...
So as you can see i had quite the eventful day.  I met lots of new people and experience a few more things. :)

Here's a few photos from last night.  Devin actually let me sleep in bed last night.  When Devin went to crawl into bed I was there all sprawled out.  There was NOTHING going to move me from my comfy spot. I even had a small growlie moment when Devin shifted me about to make room.  It was kind of hard on my back. My bad. Devin told me "we don't do that"; that was the end of my growls.

We compromised though. I slept in - kinda. Until 3am this morning.  Devin had to give me a nudge a few times to stop my licking.  I did move to my own bed around 4ish i think.

What Devin found on the way to bed last night....

Devin trying to pull back the blankets.. I'm not budging!

Uhm, Excuse me?? *ignoring you*

Devin pushed me over some - laying between Devin and pillows under the duvet. I like to feel secure :)

Devin finally got me to move over


Nope, I don't mind.  I have enough room, that's all that matters...

Maybe if I lay still I won't be noticed....

Suppa star!

Looking like Baby Jesus all surrounded by blankets - Heaven!

Lost in the blankets

I see you.... well not really. Sleeping with my "eye" open.