Sunday, August 7, 2011

Milo In The Big City...

 My Weekend In Photos:

Brown Eyes :)

Devin getting into the road trip. Me NOT So much - Only Minutes in.... A bit of a smile though from me :)

I like hanging my head over the hammock

I take after Devin - Drool (nose drip) on center console...



Anti Social - Other end of the truck


We're finally here! Floor time with Devin...

Big City lights....

Lovin' the carpet.  Behind me is the plant i tried to nibble at (again)...

I love to sleep - It should be an Olympic sport!

More Sleeping....

I had a good time this weekend.
I was left home alone a couple of times.  The first night when Devin and Angela returned I couldn't be found. I was being sneaky....very sneaky.... They found me laying on Angela's bed. 
See photos: (I found a pillow to rest my head upon "Feel Free to Fantasize About Me")

I didn't sleep my whole entire weekend away.  Devin brought me to the Dog Park to stroll around.
This was first Dog Park experience.  I sniffed, sniffed and sniffed some more.
I didn't run any.  Devin tried to get me to run a few times. I did more of a prancing pony trot.

During my last visit in the park Devin didn't stick to my side.  I wandered and did my thing. Every now and then Devin would call me over, and i'd come.  I'd get lots of praise then told it was okay to go. I choose to walk beside Devin for a bit.  I'm liking these new experiences.

Here's a few photos of me at the Dog Park:

Big Green Dog in the "BIG DOG" park - Me behind

Checking things out

uhm - When ya gotta go you gotta go... "Big Dog" watching...

Wandering the path

Being independent :)

Sleeping with my Chipmunk Angela gave me :)

Decided it would be a good time to chew/ squeak the toy

Just checking - Letting Devin know i'm still here...

While Devin was doing my laundry/bedding I found my way onto the bed.... I got off when I was told to get down.

So that was my weekend in the big city.  I've adjusted quite well.   I cried a few times when i was left alone; but quickly settled.  Devin brought my solitudes CD for me... :)

We went for our evening walk here. We met up with Nana. She was sure glad to see me. In fact Nana called the other night asking when we'd be home for our walk (thinking it was already sunday) oh that silly Nana :)
I was all wags and smiles with head tilts when i saw her walking down the sidewalk towards me.

We had a nice walk together.  Nana will be coming over tomorrow night to take me out. Devin goes back to "work".   Not everyone gets to retire at the age of 4 like I did...

Okay, I'm tired now... time to settle in for the night.

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