Friday, August 5, 2011

All My Backs Are Packed and We're JUST ABOUT ready to go (again)

Like clock work I had Devin up at 4am this morning.  The past 2 days Devin has gotten me up early because of this "work" thing Devin has to go and do. 

My morning wake up call went like this:
Get up
Wander over to the foot of Devin's bed
Poke Devin's toes with my nose
(didn't work)
Nudge again
(didn't work)
Front legs up on the foot of Devin's bed.
(That worked)

Devin told me to go back to bed
I wandered over to my bed and laid back down. I got up a few other times, but then settled back in.
We got up around 6am to have breakfast. By we, I mean ME.
Devin went back to bed after serving up breakfast.  I wandered back to bed after my tummy was full.
We stayed in bed until about 8am i'd say.

Devin woke me up. hmpf! I was comfy and sleeping so sound!
I'm glad we went for our walk when we did. I was beginning to lag towards the end of the walk. It was sure heating up fast!

Devin left me to go run around and do "things".  When Devin returned there was a small bag for me :)
DENTASTIX!!!!!  It was Beef Flavoured this time. Y U M M Y!
I gobbled that right up!

Our bags are not packed and we're about to take off for the weekend.
I hear it's going to be a busy weekend... 

Gotta go now, Devin is ready!


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