Sunday, August 28, 2011

Snippy Lips and Gerbils....????

Last night I gave Nana a bit of attitude when she came over to take me out. 

I wouldn't get off Devin's bed for her.  She put on my first collar without protest, when she placed the martingale halfway over my head i growled, snipped and barked twice.  Shame on me I know.
Nana informed me on our walk (when i finally got out of bed) that if I were living with my Auntie Shelley that attitude would not be tolerated. 
My walk was uneventful really. I clipped along at a good pace. Nana wants to believe that i did that for her so she didn't have to walk in the dark.  Maybe it was part that....
Nana told me that she won't rush me anymore to get out of the house. 

This morning when Devin took me for our morning walk we came across this brown furry thing!
Devin wasn't sure what it was. Looked too big to be a mouse; more like gerbil.  It was just sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk when we came upon it.  Just a cleaning itself like there was nobody's business.
We stood there for a bit watching it.  Devin told me to leave it along. it's eyes looked small and tired.  Devin told me we don't pick on sick people.  Carefully we walked by it.  I kept looking back, curious.

On our way back home we passed it again. This time I was keen on it. My ears were perked up, and occasionally i licked my lips.  Devin reminded me again we don't pick on small things...Carefully we walked by. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. We were about a city block away when i finally stopped swinging my head back and standing stiff watching.

Here's a few photos from our walk this morning:

Friend or Snack?

Hellooooo there...



It's so small...and furry...

What is that???


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