Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wrapped Around My Paw...

I have Nana wrapped around my little paw.  This is how my day went with her...

~She came over around 1300hrs to let me out.~
Nana gave me two treats. I got off Devin's bed and came to the kitchen. I ate the treats and ran straight into my crate. I am protesting a walk!!!
Nana I know is trying to be patient but i have a feeling it won't last long.  Nana said I may end up with a new walker person if I don't start listening to her.  Nana had another treat. I knew she was holding out on me!
Out of my crate i came. I kind of won this battle....

I took charge of my walk. I took Nana down the main street, down to the grey home and back again. 
I was given an ice cube when we arrived back home.  I curled up into the back of my crate.

Devin and Nana took me on my night stroll together.  We stopped and talked to a few people.  I have the patience of  a saint while Devin and Nana go through their usual explanation of me.  I stand still and let them pet me.  I'm pretty good like that.   Everyone things i need heaps of exercise.  Devin is quick to tell them about my couch(bed) potato tendencies. 

Anyway, so our evening walk concluded with me having a piece of a chewey and a few ice cubes.  Oh how could i forget. I came out of my crate for Devin to brush my teeth for me.  I really don't mind the brushing any longer.  Had you asked me a few months ago what i thought about this "peanut butter flavour" tooth paste and brushing scene it would have been a different story.   "Brush the teeth you want to keep".....

Here are a few photos taken from the other day:

I took a nap at Nana's while her and "Dr" Bob chatted
Checking out the veggie patch. I helped to water the remaining peppers :)

Went downstairs at Nana's. Had to check myself out in the mirror.  Damn I'm Beautiful!
Caught checking myself out

Playing with the chipmunk on Devin's (cough cough MY) bed.

Tired out

Took my Chipmunk and curled up for an afternoon nap...

Melissa came by...then Nana!  I felt like "Hefner"  :D

Pondering what to blog about....



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