Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot Dogs! Get your Hot Dooooogs!

Boy Oh Boy she's a hot one out there this morning!

Typical morning here. Devin got up early, i was fed, i went back to bed (hey i'm a poet! haha). I stayed in bed for about an hour or so then Devin got me up.  I like when Devin says "Good Morning Milooooo".  I lay on my bed all excited nipping at the air until i get my blanket in my mouth. 

We got up and went for a walk.  I met up with Stella and Sadie.  Stella did her usual yipping at me.  She stands all of 6 inches off the ground with ears pointing out like an airplane.  I didn't pay much attention to her; well until we did our meet and greet. We continued on our walk and she decided to yip at me and had a few failed attempts and running at me.

So we went for our walk, it was hot. We walked in the park area where there are plenty of trees and a slightly cooler breeze.  We made it to the top of Nana's street. I didn't attempt to go down it until i crossed the street to the side where i took Devin down yesterday.   I think if i ever got loose Devin should check Nana's house first, I sure know my way there!

I'm VERY happy to be back at home where the a/c is keeping me and the apartment nice and cool.
I don't tolerate the heat/humidity well AT ALL:

Tuckered from my morning walk. I had a bit sneeze and my feet ended up on the sides of the crate

Devin is going to leave me alone again today.  I didn't leave any surprises yesterday. I didn't even get up on Devin's bed (well so Devin thinks - my bed making skillz are improving :D).

That's it for now.


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