Monday, August 22, 2011

Accidents Happen.....

Another lazy day around the house... 
I like that we are getting cooler weather. I have a bit more of a bounce in my step when I go out for my walks. 

I had an accident today :(
Devin thought i was being too quiet after i ate my supper.  The search was on for me... The search really didn't have to go far.  Devin found me in the hallway. I was just finishing up one of my BIG pees.
Devin said: "oh no milo"...
I ran off to my crate with my head down.  Devin tried to stop me but i slinked off in a hurry; finding coverage in my crate. Devin tried to get me out of my crate, but I didn't want to budge..

Out came the paper towel and that nice smelling spray stuff (that was used on my fish plant sickies).
Poor Devin can't seem to catch a break since cleaning the carpets.

Devin took me outside after tossing down some paper towel.  I had another BIG pee outside.
Devin called Nana nervous (typical first time parent) about my peeing inside; saying it isn't like me to do this.
Maybe it was a bladder infection.  Nana reminded Devin that I drank a few bowls of Rye-Lee's water today.

So that was pretty much all the excitement I had today...
It was a good day to curl up with my friend.
Photos below:

Hiding in my crate after the "accident"

Looking Sad

Snuggle time


Le Sigh


Curling around doing my Fox impression...


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