Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye.... (Warning Icky Photo)

I slept a whole lot yesterday.  I wasn't feeling well.   Just as Devin was settling in for a nap before work I got up off my bed and "yacked" my (in this case) fish plant/ base.   Devin thought I eliminated it a few days ago.
Not the case :(   I also yacked up a piece of "Tinky Winky's" face that I had eaten.  Blah....

Seeing I don't hold back on anything........

Full Plant Base With Plant Pieces - I Feel Much Better!!!  Done Trying to Grow Plants :(

Good Sleeps After Being Sick - Smile On My Face

Today  - Hanging Out With My Friends, Waiting for Dinner...

 Pretty low key day today.  From about 2pm onward I'd get up stretch, take all at my handsome self in the full length mirror then plop myself back down on my bed.  My God I'm Soooo Handsome!  haha

Devin goes back into work again tonight. That means Nana is coming over!!! Yay!!!!
We are expecting a crazy storm. Hopefully we can make our usual run  before or between the rain drops.


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