Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visitors N' Vets

First off let me tell you about my night last night....

I was scared!! Someone came in she sounded like Nana but had green rubber boots and a big yellow rain coat!
Silly me, It was Nana!  It was too bad no one was here to take a photo, by the time Nana got me ready got me ready with everything... We looked like the laughing stock of Long Sault.  But who cares, we were dry!
Nana took me on my usual walk, because wet is wet!! Not just a little wet!

It poured down like cats and dogs here. Before we started out on our walk I didn't want to go down the first step but Nana told me that walking in the rain is FUN.  We both got soaked.  Nana's pockets were filled with water; and her jeans were dripping water.  Nana said we looked like a box of Easter Peeps (her in yellow and I in my purple rain coat)?? I'm not sure what PEEPS are, but I think it's a good thing??

Nana is lots of fun. I hope she still loves me when it's 30 below!!! :)

Today Sherry came over for a visit. I hadn't seen her in what feels like forever!  We played catch and toss with my rubber chicken.  Devin threw it out on me today :(   I ate too big of a hole through it.
Melissa and Sherry R. came over this evening too.  All these visitors!   Sherry R gives the BESTEST scratches EVER!  I was a big suck with her.

After Melissa and Sherry R left for home, Devin pulled out the toothbrush.  I was a good boy. I didn't even try to hide in my usual hidey spot (between the crate and the couch).  I laid right down on the blankets Devin has outside of my crate for me. I plopped my head down in Devin's lap.  I'm really liking this fresh mouth feeling.
Who doesn't love a clean mouth and teeth??
Post Brushing Teeth Cuddles

Post Teeth Cleaning Cuddles

Hanging Out With My New Buddy :)

Get Me Outta Jail - BFF's

Now i await my bedtime snack.  :)

Oh, I almost forgot. Devin made a Dr appointment for me to get my front leg checked.
My back leg has healed up, but i just can't seem to keep my mouth off my front leg.  So we're going to see what we can do to fix that up for me.
We go Tuesday August 16th at 0830hrs. 

K, That's it for me...


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