Friday, August 26, 2011

You've Got Mail.....

We did another walk down the parkway this morning. I was pretty tuckered out come the last leg of it *yawn*

On our walk back home a woman stopped to ask us were the dog show was.  We didn't know one was going on. She assumed because we were walking in the area that we may have come from it.
Devin heard that you sometimes get greyhound martingale collars at the shows.  We were kind of pinched for time. So much to get done before Devin has to go into work tonight.

We shall keep our eyes out for the next dog show.  Devin is still in search for a wider martingale collar. I must admit; i wouldn't complain if i had another collar.  This one gets a bit annoying at times. Devin is always pawing at me to lower it down on my neck.  We are also in search of a thin "runaway collar" to attach my dog tags on. right now I have a standard collar which doesn't really cut it. I mean it serves its purpose but at times Devin is pulling that down from behind my ears.  I have a tendency like my Cousin Parker to puff my neck up; so the "standard" collar doesn't fit properly.


The getting to the best part of my day...

MAIL!  My jackets are finally in.  I wasn't too keen on modeling them for Devin. I mean really, is there a need to have a winter and or rain jacket on inside the house??? It's kind of like Devin's bright idea with putting on my winter boats to march around the house.  Funny ideas that Devin has....

Without further ado MODEL poses:


Well are you going to help me open it??
Okay I feel awkward...

Er I dunno Devin... I feel like Mr. Chipmunk has fallen over laughing at me...

Are we almost done yet??? Does this make my neck look long???

Okay, that's a bit better...
Use the force Luke..... (not cooperating with "dress-up time"

Fine... I'll stand here, but I'm not going to look at you

I know i'll be warm this winter, but right now i feel dorky

Yeah, I still don't know about this...  The bribery cookie helped "some"...

Feeling Shy.  Devin tells me i'll be thankful when the bad weather comes...

So tired from all this "dress-up"... Going back to my crate.


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