Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Day Ever! (photos from last night as well)

 I don't even know where to start.  It had such a wonderful day!  So much to explore and see...

I'll break it down like this....

1) Devin and Nana took me for my morning walk this morning. Our first stop was the Post Office.  Outside the post office we ran into Jesse Winchester's dad. He is such a nice man. I got lots of pets and scratches from him :)  I hope we get to see him again soon!
Checking out the post office

Can't quite figure out the sounds coming from behind the wall....

uhm, hello Nana? Are you coming?? (Nana had to mail a letter to Auntie Shelley)

2)  While we stopped and talked to Jesse's dad the lady from the LCBO came out and cooed over me. Hehe - I still got it!  I'm a real hit with the ladies!  I tried to go inside but Devin told me I was too young to be in there.  The lady agreed.
Here's a photo of me looking inside the LCBO:
Me looking inside the LCBO - Nana and Jesse's dad reflecting in the window)

3) Nana and Devin took me for a long walk down the parkway. When our walk was all said and done we did about 2.5km.  There was so much for me to smell and see.  Devin and Nana took me down by the water (down the BIG HILL) to look at the ducks.  It was only on the way back up they noticed the Goose Landmines.  We had to walk carefully up the hill!
I went off roading

Come on Nana, this way!

Playing Shy...

Shy again...

Blue Steel Look  :D

Strike a Pose!

Handsome Me. Oh and pretty yellow flowers..

My long walk down the BIG HILL.  Nana told me that Devin used to sled down this hill YEARS AGO; at around my age.


Looking out at the ducks...

Water wasn't inviting today!

4)  LYNDA came by!!!!  Such a grety surprise!!!  no Lucy :(
But still Lynda came by for a quick visit. She gives great scratches!  I was leading my head right into her. I EVEN gave her a kiss.  Devin and I went over to her apartment for a visit.  Glen was there going through things.  I went into the bedroom to see him.  They are both such nice people.  I found one of Lucy's soft squeaky fuzzy bone shaped toys. I went to town on that.  Glen and Lynda both tossed it around for me.  I made my way into Jordan's room a few times. I managed to pull out a softball from his closet.  I chomped down on that too.  It didn't take me long to find Lucy's bed. I crashed on there chewing away on MY NEW toys; i eventually gave up on that and laid there watching Glen.
I did manage to open up their hall closet (a trick i learned while Lucy was there). It's been several months since Lucy's been here, but I KNOW that's where they used to keep her food.  I can be real sneaky/resourceful when I want/need to be. hehe
Chillin' on Lucy's bed watching Glen- softball in my armpit.

I moved too fast for my photo to be taken.
After all that play we came home. I went off to my crate and had a good snooze.
I LOVE my blue bunny.

I like squishing myself up against the crate walls

Uhm, eyes in the back of my head. I sleep sometimes with them open...

z z zz z  Z z z z

more creepy eyes....

oh yeah, this is the life....

A little smile tongue action while i sleep
My new sleeping spot during the day... *cough cough* and night... photos to follow...

Cuddle time with my sheepie while I wait for my evening walk with Nana and Devin...
So as you can see i had quite the eventful day.  I met lots of new people and experience a few more things. :)

Here's a few photos from last night.  Devin actually let me sleep in bed last night.  When Devin went to crawl into bed I was there all sprawled out.  There was NOTHING going to move me from my comfy spot. I even had a small growlie moment when Devin shifted me about to make room.  It was kind of hard on my back. My bad. Devin told me "we don't do that"; that was the end of my growls.

We compromised though. I slept in - kinda. Until 3am this morning.  Devin had to give me a nudge a few times to stop my licking.  I did move to my own bed around 4ish i think.

What Devin found on the way to bed last night....

Devin trying to pull back the blankets.. I'm not budging!

Uhm, Excuse me?? *ignoring you*

Devin pushed me over some - laying between Devin and pillows under the duvet. I like to feel secure :)

Devin finally got me to move over


Nope, I don't mind.  I have enough room, that's all that matters...

Maybe if I lay still I won't be noticed....

Suppa star!

Looking like Baby Jesus all surrounded by blankets - Heaven!

Lost in the blankets

I see you.... well not really. Sleeping with my "eye" open.


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