Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Devin took me out this morning on our usual walk.  I was in complete protest; and wouldn't go to the washroom for Devin.  It was kind of early for me to be wandering around outside.

Nana came over for me this morning to take me out (earlier than usual).  It was kind of a fight to get me off the bed.  I was not interested in going outside.  Nana had to bribe me to get me off the bed.
Cookies win my heart every time!   A little shake of the cookie container is enough to motivate me (most days). Sneaky Nana!

Devin hadn't brushed my teeth for two days; my gums are back to bleeding some.  Gotta keep up with the brushing.  I believe Auntie Shelley once said "you brush the teeth you want to keep".

That's all for me - Super tired today.


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