Friday, August 12, 2011


I made the National News Letter/Book...

When Devin gets a chance we'll scan it and pop up the article.  Devin told work that if wanted to publish some of my blog it was under one and only condition; that they include Bill's "business" card.  To help promote GRACANDA.

I still have a bummed leg from my licking.  Nana and Devin put some anti inching cream on it and wrapped me up.  Paws crossed, maybe it might help??  Did did catch me in the middle of the night having a little lick at the bandage.  I am guilty too of trying to nibble it off this evening when Nana first put it on.   I was walking around the house like i had my winter boots on again.  I have a tendency to be a touch dramatic.... I know hard to believe.. ;)

Must get to bed, we have an early day tomorrow!


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