Friday, September 30, 2011

Monsoon In The Sault

Sometimes I question Bill's sanity letting me to home with Devin...

Last night Devin brought me out for my bedtime pee. It was POURING. Some might even say raining cats and dogs!
The first time I went out in the evening the rain wasn't nearly as bad, Devin put on my raincoat.   When we got to the top of the stairs to go out for my bedtime pee it was coming down in buckets!  We didn't know this until we hit the top of the stairs.  Devin told me it would only be for a quick second.  I like a fool trusted Devin. We took 3 steps outside and were drenched. I thought to myself, forget this! I'm going in; and IN is where we went. *phewy*

Devin tried to dry me off.  I was just so wet.  We both climbed into bed.
It took awhile but I did eventually dry out.  Devin told that we wouldn't do that again!

I was tuckered out this morning but had Devin up like clock work to go out - I got used to Devin's day shift schedule. We went outside quickly then back in. I thought I'd be served up breakfast but Devin told me noway, that we were heading back to bed.   And that we did...
I like to cram myself up against those "bumper" pillows

Z Z z z

Can we get up and have breakfast now?

This evening Devin gave me a wonderful treat of 1/2cup kibble (reserved from my dinner), Yogurt and Banana. MmMm  It was yummy!

Chowing down

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom




Brought my KONG back into my crate/nest

Giving Devin the Tail. Leave me alone!
Devin walked by a few times and gave me a quick scratch, and told me I was a good boy.  No growlies those times.  Several times later.... I decided to let a quiet little rumble out.. Devin told me that we DO NOT GROWL; and continued to touch me.  I let out another soft growl/purr.  I was told again that it wasn't acceptable. Third times a charm. Devin gave me another pat and told me i was a good boy (no growl just shot dirty looks). Devin left me alone for a bit.  I was revisited yet again while i was NOM NOM NOM in my crate. I gave a dirty look - but no growls.  My face can be expressive at times - It just doesn't look sad all the time.  :)

Okay that was pretty much my day.  Almost bedtime!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cupids Choke Hold....

Holy raining batman!

We went out quickly when Devin arrived home from work.  I didn't put up a fight when Devin put my raincoat on me.  I was ready to go out! :)

Devin mentioned supper while we were heading back into the house, I went crazy town! :)
I love my meals!!

After supper Devin brushed my teeth for me.  The crate door was closed and Devin sat down beside me on the side that I normally flop over on to.  I got me a reeeeaaallll good toof brushin' tonight! 
After that we had some floor time/play time!!

I played with my sheepie for a bit; putting it into a choke hold a few times.  After a while of laying around with Devin i got up and went to my toy bin and pulled out the chipmunk. I haven't played with that in a while.  Devin tossed it down the hall for me to run after. We played the fetch game for a bit til I gave up and left it at the end of the hall. 

We went out for out evening walk; it was a quick one!  The rain was still coming down.   I was dry as dry could be though.  :)

Feet dried of I was given an ice cube to nibble on. After my snack i went off to my crate.

Speaking of crates...  I slept in there allllll last night.  Devin called my name, whistled, clicked, made noises. I was too comfy in my nest.  When the alarm clock went off I was in the bedroom like a dirty shirt!
BREAKFAST is what that alarm means to me! :)

Photos from today:
dreaded toof brush coming at me

Oh no, it's getting closer!

Hangin' with my sheepie

Choke hold :)

Cuddle buddies

I see ewe :) hehehe

more snuggles

Thank you for turning off the flash Devin

z z z z z


Oh, what's that??

We're going to head to bed early tonight. z z z z z


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Help I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up....

Last night I did quite a bit of trashing about on my bed. If one had to compare me to something, I would be best described as a face clock.  Tick tick tick round and round I went...

I started out in one position and moved my way around my bed. At one point Devin heard a bang, and looked down. This is what I was up to:

 2 o'clock  position- feet

Uhm, hello, Some help here??



I could maybe stay like this....

Z zz z z z  not so bad

Back legs lookin' a bit off

Supa star!

Z z z z

A little tangled up


Much better

Z z z z 



  Active night in bed. Any wonder why I need to sleep all day.

This evening when Devin came home, I was brought out right away.  Devin took the left side of the stairs.  THE LEFT SIDE IS MY SIDE.  Devin was about half way up the stairs when i decided to barrel into the back of Devin's legs. Devin buckled, I went sailing backwards down the stairs; not too many steps, but enough that i landed on the bottom up against the electric baseboard - Much to Devin's horror.  No cuts. CHECK. We were good to go.

After my quick out, I came in and had supper while Devin jumped into the shower.  Devin told me we had to bring the truck into Newington (wherever that is??) to have it looked at;  AND that we were going to see Mama Fae and Brittany  :)

I had a nice little road trip.  I was greeted by Brittany. She's nice, I like her pats and scratches.  She also protected me from the cat.  The cat tried to run at me a few times, but Brittany was quick to reroute it!
*phew* It could have torn me apart - Everyone wants to be skinny, but no one realizes the problems you run into when you have so little fat and thin skin.  Small little cut could mean big trouble!

We hung out there for a bit while the truck was being looked over, then home we came.  Busy day!
I'll have to update you all on my not so nice attitude I took with Nana today - another time.

Bedtime!   4am comes tooooo early!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brush Your Teeth - Milo PSA


I've been running off to bed and or to my crate before Devin has had a chance to brush my teeth these past two days/nights.
Today we played on the floor for a little bit then Devin got up and said those dreadful words, "How about we brush your teeth now". The water was running, Devin came walking down the hall with a huge smile saying, "we brush the teeth we want to keep".

I assumed my usual submission pose - Flopping over onto my side with my feet kind of kicking in a slow motion protest. I'm done for! Here it comes.. where my thoughts*

One side was done, then Devin tried to move me about to get to the other side. I wasn't cooperating, I just laid there. I guess in a way that was cooperating. I wasn't completely protesting, nor was I trying to get away. Devin did the best possible job. My gums are a little bloody.  That's what happens when we miss our tooth brushing sessions  (Devin is going to book me in for a teeth cleaning in a few months).

Treat time:
After getting my teeth cleaned I was given a few ice cubes for being such a good boy :) I'll tell you it didn't take me long for me to boogie back into the back of my crate!

Pre-tooth brushin' : Trying to clean them on my own.

Chomp Chomp Chomp

More chomp

A little further back - gotta get those back teeth!

Nom Nom Nom

Working the other side :)

Devin threw my toy down the hall. Action shot

Waiting for my ice cube treat

hello, did you forget what you promised me???

But I don't want to brush my teeth

And I don't want you brushing them for me either :(

One side done.  Tooth Smile

It's important to clean your tongue too!

Milo Vs. Toothbrush.  Done.