Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brush Your Teeth - Milo PSA


I've been running off to bed and or to my crate before Devin has had a chance to brush my teeth these past two days/nights.
Today we played on the floor for a little bit then Devin got up and said those dreadful words, "How about we brush your teeth now". The water was running, Devin came walking down the hall with a huge smile saying, "we brush the teeth we want to keep".

I assumed my usual submission pose - Flopping over onto my side with my feet kind of kicking in a slow motion protest. I'm done for! Here it comes.. where my thoughts*

One side was done, then Devin tried to move me about to get to the other side. I wasn't cooperating, I just laid there. I guess in a way that was cooperating. I wasn't completely protesting, nor was I trying to get away. Devin did the best possible job. My gums are a little bloody.  That's what happens when we miss our tooth brushing sessions  (Devin is going to book me in for a teeth cleaning in a few months).

Treat time:
After getting my teeth cleaned I was given a few ice cubes for being such a good boy :) I'll tell you it didn't take me long for me to boogie back into the back of my crate!

Pre-tooth brushin' : Trying to clean them on my own.

Chomp Chomp Chomp

More chomp

A little further back - gotta get those back teeth!

Nom Nom Nom

Working the other side :)

Devin threw my toy down the hall. Action shot

Waiting for my ice cube treat

hello, did you forget what you promised me???

But I don't want to brush my teeth

And I don't want you brushing them for me either :(

One side done.  Tooth Smile

It's important to clean your tongue too!

Milo Vs. Toothbrush.  Done.

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