Monday, September 12, 2011

Shiny New Things and Visit To Nana's - OH and Dog Park Video upload :)

Devin went out for a bit and came home with something for me.  We have been on a search for a smaller "runaway" collar for me.  The other one was just too darn big. Even on it's smallest setting it came up over my head; it wouldn't sit on my neck without sliding all over the place.

Devin found me a neat skull and crossbones  reflective collar - baaaaaaaaaaaad to the bone! 

Uh yeah Devin, reflective with light won't make for a good photo.
Here I hide between the couch and crate, Devin tried to wrangle me for a photo. I wanted in my crate, but slinked away to my "hiding" space as a compromise.
New Collar

Looks like Nana has me in a choke hold here, but i assure you it was a loving embrace :) I like to cuddle with Nana!

Yeah - out like a light, again.  Cheese! At least Devin got my good side :)

Z z  z z  nap time on Nana's floor/area rug.


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