Monday, September 12, 2011

Exploring New Places

An  appointment for me has been made; We go see the vet tomorrow at 0830hrs.

Devin took me out several times throughout the night. I emptied my bladder all times.

I haven't really drank a whole lot today in comparison to the past few days. I'm still not getting any treats.   In place of that Devin and Nana have given me a few pieces of my kibble.

We went on our morning walk and stopped by Nana's.  Rye-Lee was sitting out with Nana. He seemed excited to see me this morning. His tail was wagging a mile a minute. It didn't take long for that to wear off. He was seeking the safety of Nana's arms in the chair next to him.  Papa George set him straight and made him sit in his own chair.  No babying :)

We continued on our way. I was a bit pokey but not too bad.  Devin told me on our way home that we'd be going to the dog park.  First home for some water then off we'd go.

We went to Morrisburg.  They have a great park there!  When we arrived a big Doberman and a small lab were playing around in the BIG dog park.

By the time we got near though, the dobbie left and went running through the flock of geese over on the open land.  That looked like a lot of fun! I stood there and watched.

 The  lab was on her way out but asked if we'd like her to stay for someone to play with.  We said sure!  Lets give it a try :)

We did our meet and greet, then into the play area we went.  Devin unleashed me and i trotted off. I didn't pay much attention to "Kelly"(Kelly is a 5 month old lab). Kelly tried her best at times to get me to play with her.  She eventually gave up and just laid on the ground watching me explore.
At one point she laid there barking at me while i played with a found tennis ball that was tossed for me.   I'd run and get it, come back and they'd toss it for me again. 

Kelly went home after a while and said that they'd look for me next time i'm up.

Devin continued to toss the ball for me.  I was showing signs that I had was nearing the end of my playtime.  I plopped down on the grass and was panting heavily.  Devin tired to get me to drink some water. I didn't really get the whole big white pail of water concept.

We went for a small walk down by the beach. I stood there at first just staring out at the water.
Devin told me it was okay to go in. I walked in a little bit then stepped through the water.
I found the perfect spot to lay down!  The waves were coming up on to me, but i didn't mind one bit.  It was nice and refreshing!  I hope we go back there soon :)

Devin was told that September and October are suppose to be warmer than usual.
Maybe this means more beach time for me??

When we came home and came near the apartment complex door "snicker" was outside with the main door open - all by itself.   He/She followed us down the stairs keeping a bit of distance. Devin told "snicker" No - but snicker being an unsupervised puppy followed anyway.  Down the stairs it came.  Following us to our door.  Snicker got in a few good sniffs before i realized i had someone near my ankles.  I turned around and stared.  Snicker ran back a bit.  Devin managed to get the door open and me inside the house while keeping snicker off with one foot.  Devin sure is talented! 

I was given a quick rinse down to get the sand from the beach off my body.  I didn't put up much of a fuss at all.  I like these quick wash downs.   Baths are too tiring!  Toooo much time standing around.

It didn't take me long to find my crate.  I had a quick snip of water and went off to curl up.  I'm not used to all this kind of running exercise.  Devin managed to get some video footage of me.  We'll post it once we throw it through the editing program.

For now, Photos will have to do:
Off to curl up with my Chipmunk~

Relaxing on the car ride to the Dog Park :)

Still sleeping

Dog Park!!!!!

Wee weee weee :)
Taking a break from chasing the tennis ball

Pant pant pant

Taking in the scenery

Relaxing near the tree...

Chomping on the tennis ball

You can lead me to water...... but doesn't mean i'll drink it. what is this big plastic thing???

I'm DONE Devin can we go home?

Walking back to the car LONG TONGUE! 

How 'bout now?? We leaving?

Beach!  Water!

Okay, Don't mind if i do!

Decided to lay in the water :)

Still cooling off :)

Okay, that's enough! Let's go Devin!

Driving home..

Crashed, too much fun!

Catching some sun :)

Sleepies with my friend

He watches over me while i sleep...also makes a good pillow :)


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