Friday, September 9, 2011

In A Mood Lately

I've been in a bit of a mood lately.  This morning I did not want to go for my morning walk; AT ALL.

After breakfast I ran back to bed.  Devin begged and pleaded. It took shaking of my "training" treat bag (Nana trick) to get me out of bed.  When Devin finally got me out of the house I was real pokey.  I got what I wanted, a REALLY short walk.

This afternoon when Nana stopped in to let me out I wasn't moving from my crate. Nana tried the "Shake the treat bag trick";  I didn't go for it. Instead i sat at the back of my crate looking down my nose at Nana.

Nana got half way into my crate with me and put my "runaway collar on" i didn't fight her or act up this time.

Off we went for a short walk.

Tonight when Devin and Nana went to take me for a walk I got tired of waiting around while Devin got ready.  I plopped myself down
Here's a photo of exhausted me:

I cut our walk short tonight, choosing to come back down by Nana's house.  I just feel sooo lazy lately.
Maybe it's the weather?  Devin keeps reminding me that it will be just a matter of months until we are both bundled up in our jackets and boots.  I don't know if i'm ready for this "winter" thing.

Time for bed!  Devin has me getting up at the ungodly hour of 4am again tomorrow *le sigh*


PS cuddle picture :)


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