Saturday, September 10, 2011

Save Some Water For The Fishies!

Devin was concerned about my intake of water. I have been going a little nutso with it over the past couple of days. 

DR. GOOGLE to the rescue. ha!

Devin checked online and of course came across some potentially not so great news.
A little more digging pulled up the fact that DentaStix can make me quite thirsty.  My increased intake of water corresponds with me getting a Dentastix every evening before bed.   We will keep an eye on it though, just in case.  

Other than the above concern, All else is right in my world.   I tend to be more clingy with Devin when it's Day shift time.  Devin fed me this evening and slipped out after telling me "i'll be back real soon, need to do the laundry".  The first few times Devin ducked out i was okay, but the second to last time I put up a fuss.
I cried at the door when Devin left, and plopped myself down against the door to make the opening of it difficult. 
Thinking about it, since I've started using Devin's bed as my crashing place, I haven't plopped myself down in front of the door like i used to; making it hard for Devin to leave.  It was another good trick of mine. I could "kind of" control the coming and going.

Our evening walk was typical.  Although the weather was kind of chilly.  I MAYBE could have used my jacket this evening.   It's going to likely be a jacket wearing morning; calling for 9C.  Brrrrrr
My Texan blood is going to freeze!

I suppose that's it for me.
Time to call it a night.


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