Monday, September 5, 2011


When will the human get it?  Devin has warned "Snicker's" mother on 3 separate occasions now that I do no like small dogs jumping at me.  Yet she keeps testing the limits.  Snicker is never on a leash.  She told Nana that Snicker doesn't like being on one (Still a pup of course it doesn't enjoy being on one).

Today while we were outback on a washroom outing Snickers came out running around free.  Devin reminded the lady that I don't like small dogs jumping at me.  She came running after Snickers as he/she came barreling at me in the tall grass.  She finally got in front of it and redirected it to the pavement.

It isn't the dogs fault it's human doesn't do things to prevent it from potentially coming injured.
A smaller older Jack Russell who lives in our building has already taken it by the scruff and tossed it because it invaded its space.  It's unfortunate but perhaps the human will have to learn the hard way at the expense if the unknowing dog.

In happier news I allowed Devin to sleep in late today, AND we slept for the better part of the afternoon together too.  I'm much happier and content when I get my "pack" nap time in.

Here's a few photos from the past couple of days...

Cuddle time


Game Of Twister?

Actually awake

In From The Downpour

Bambi on ice...

Not really wanting to move...

Nana comes over tonight to take me for a walk.  She asked Devin to get me a pep talk so I wouldn't I guess have a bit of an attitude with her.  I'll go outside with Devin at the first asking.  Nana can ask and ask and ask, i just tend to lay there.

Nana says my attitude is much like Devin's when I was that age.   Nana told me that Devin was once asked why they didn't do something the first time it was asked.  Devin's reply was: Because I know you'll ask 10 other times.  :D

Supper time!!!


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