Monday, September 26, 2011

Meeting Of The Gingers!

I finally got to meet my Auntie Shelley!!!
Devin picked her up at the airport on Thursday. Her arrival had to be kept a secret, she was surprising her friend who was getting married on Saturday.

Shelley and I hit it off.  She stayed overnight while Devin was at work - Devin had to work nights all weekend :(

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. Between Shelley sleeping during the night and Devin sleeping during the day, I was in heaven!  Someone to sleep near :)

Here are a some photos that were taken over the weekend.

Auntie Shelley brought me a blanket from Parker - :)

I wasted no time cuddling in

GINGERS!!! :) 
Hangin' at Nana's

Posing at Nana's

Rye-Lee n' Me at Nana's
Nana was looking for socks in her dresser drawer. I helped her pick these out.  I reached in past her and pulled these out :)   My GREAT Nana made these!

Nana thought i'd like to be covered up

Rye-Lee and I in our spots.
Eye spy with my lil' eye... Can you find me??

Cuddling with my stuffies and hiding my head under Bob

Arial view :)
Curled up waiting for someone to join me

Hanging out on Nana's kitchen floor

Nana thought I was cold again

So sleepy, cuddles
I like to hide my nose under pillows



Devin found me like this this morning

It doesn't look comfy, but i sure was!
When I first jumped into the truck today i sat there looking out the back window.  Devin told me me to turn around and sit down (we weren't moving yet)

Coming back from visiting Nana today, hangin'

Devin has to bring the truck in tomorrow - we MIGHT go run at the park for a bit.  Shall see...


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