Monday, September 19, 2011

Give me an L Give me an A Give me a Z Give me a Y - L-A-Z-Y

This morning after Devin gave me my early breakfast I slinked off to my bed;  That gave Devin some time to get ready for work. 

 I'm used to eating my breakfast then going for a nap for a few hours after.  Devin wanted me to get up and out of my comfy warm spot to go out.  I didn't budge, nor would I.  Devin had to lift my hand carefully to put my runaway collar on, then again to slip my martingale collar over my head. *yawn*  I really didn't want to go :(

We walked down to the baseball diamond, I did my thing, then turned us around and headed home. I slipped off to my crate once we got home.

When Nana came to let out at noon  I was no where to be found.  Hehehe*
Nana looked all over for me. I could see her though! I was tucked away in the back of my "nest".

We went for a walk down by the police station.  I started to pant, so Nana brought me back home.

This evening we went around the big loop. Devin told me I could choose to go straight or turn.
I choose TURN! We walked down Nana's street :)

Back home we came...Lynda popped by to say hi and goodbye :(
We likely won't be seeing her until next summer.  I will miss Lynda as much as I miss Lucy.
Lynda gets right down on the floor with me and loves me up.  Whenever I hear a knock at the door I get excited. Lynda is the only one who comes by and knocks.

It's getting late and I have yet another early morning tomorrow *le sigh*
Day shifts are rough!!


Snug as a bug in a rug last night....

Hiding in my nest tonight

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