Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vet Visit Results and Park Play, Making New Friends :)

Morning routine:
After chowing down on my breakfast i slinked off to bed. Devin told me last night we would have an early morning start.  *yawn* wasn't kidding!
Not moving for anyone! 
Devin begged and pleaded and this was my reponse to the "Let's go, we're going to be late":

 I finally gave in and got up; only because Devin managed to get both collars on me while i was laying down and gave a little tug.

This is how we roll.....

On the road we went:

Vet Visit: 0830hrs

We took a sample of my urine in for an analysis.  All came back normal. My levels are perfect.
She even drew blood work.  She had to poke me twice and shift the needle to keep the blood flowing. I didn't even flinch once!  She's a good vampire..hehe

The Dr. said the blood work wasn't really needed but it would give a good idea of a baseline reading; also it might show some underlining issues that aren't visible.  Devin decided to go ahead with the tests. My thyroid is also being checked.  We will find out my blood work results tomorrow via the phone.

Devin explained the amount of Denta Stix (8) i received in 8 days along with a breath buster (1) once a day.
Since laying off both over the past 3-4 days I appear to have returned to normal with my Pee's and water intake level.

The Dr basically said that 1 a day is too many.

Devin asked about my food intake vs. my activity level. It's been decided that I can have an extra cup of food.
So now i'll be eating 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups in the evening.  I was only eating a total 3 cups before.
The Dr. asked if I appeared to be hungry.  Devin told the Dr. that if given half the chance i'd sit and gorge all day. *shrugs* whatever!  :)

Devin also mentioned that when i'm at my Nana's i have a bowl (2 cups if that) of Distilled water from Rye-Lee's bowl. Without fail i end up having accidents from that.  The Dr. found that to be unusual as it shouldn't make a difference.    Hmm...

Photos taken after my vet visit:

Car rides are soooo relaxing

Z z zZ z z ...

After my Dr. appt we went over to Nana's for a quick visit and a SHORT walk to do my business.
Here's a few photos from my visit at Nana's:

Devin unleashed me at the door. I ran straight to the snack cupboard. Nana gave me a couple piece so Rye-Lee's food.
"Chicken Soup For The Dog Soul"

Don't Mind If I Do.  Helping myself to Rye-Lee's water...

Slurp Slurp....

Almost Done...

Ahh Much Better!

And i'm done :)

Photo Of Me And Rye-Lee

 After visiting Nana's Devin decided we'd head out to the dog park  :)
When we arrived, there were about 10 large dogs and a few smaller dogs.  Devin was nervous at first. We've never been in a busy park.  Devin told me that we'd give it a try.

When we walked through the first gate to enter into the park we were treated at the fence by many curious faces.  I saw a Huskies, Large Standard Poodle (mix), Terriers and a few others.  Everyone came to greet the "new kid".  Once inside the grounds we all sniffed and greeted.

Devin walked around with me for a little bit then gave me my space to roam.  A few dogs showed some interest in me.  One in particular showed "great" interest. ha  He decided he'd try and mount me. I stood there. The owner came rushing over to tell the dog no.  *meh* whatever. 
Someone's parent took a tennis ball and tossed it far. The race was on!  We all charged after the ball.
Someone fumbled the ball and another picked it up.  We all went our separate ways; well except for that dog that showed an interest in me.  He tried it again. *ugh* This time I wasn't taking it. I let out a growl and snapped at the air. The dog backed off.  We didn't have anymore dominance issues after that.  :)

Shortly after we got there the numbers slowly went down. Soon it was just me and an 11 yr old Jack Russell; he came late to the game too.  We sniffed each other, then walked around here and there nibbling grass and peeing on top of each others pees.   It was a good time by all.  After the "jack" went home it was only Devin and I left in the park.  Devin tossed the tennis ball a few times for me; then we went back to the truck to get one of Rye-lee's donated balls - that tennis ball was in bad shape!
We went back and played fetch for a bit (video to follow in lower part of entry).  Finally i destroyed the ball and Devin said that was it, we'd head home.  I was panting up a storm anyway.  We went down to the beach for a quick cool off.  The wind was blowing and the waves were crashing up on the shore.  That didn't stop me!   I plopped myself down into the water and let them toss me around for a short time.
(video at bottom).  

It's been a rather eventful day for me.  Now we are home and I'm curled up in my crate. Z z z z z :)


Rye-Lee's Donated ball before i chewed a piece out of it.  TOSS IT ALREADY!!! :)

Listening :)

Okay, I'm ready to go now.. Let's go home!

Sunning and relaxing after my quick dip in the water.

Why so many photos Devin? Why??

Comfy crate :)  Nana Calls it my nest :)



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