Saturday, September 17, 2011

What A Greyt Day!

First thing this morning we walked over to Nana's to pick her up.  We walked back to our house and loaded into the car for the dog park.

When we got there, there were a good handful of dogs in the park.  A few new dogs and a few I had met last time I was there. 

I stayed back accessing the action for a bit once the meet and greets were over with.  At one point I  joined in for a game of fetch and just chase.  The little "jack" Rocky came by to play with us all.  He held his own!
Devin put my leash on at first when Rocky came in; just so I wouldn't be part of the sniffing frenzy. 
Shortly after I was left loose to run with my new friends.  I played with with the others.  Maybe when we head up to Toronto Devin can let me go wander around the BIG CITY dog park?? I think that would be fun!

After running like a mad fool after the ball, Devin decided it was time to bring me down near the water.  While Devin went to grab the camera from the truck, Nana took my leash. I walked her down to the beach.

I didn't hesitate to walk out and drop myself in.  The water on the edge is still ideal. Not too chilly, not too warm.  JUUUUUUSSSTTTT right. :)

After we got home, Devin left me relax for a while before leading me off to the bath.  It was quick and painless. I think Devin finally has this bathing thing down after 3 tries.   Devin also cleaned up my bedding. I have nice fresh blankets to sleep on. I didn't waste anytime finding my way to them!

Below are a few photos taken from today; as well as a video:

Looking for Devin - How much is that doggy in the window???
My private beach :)
sun/water bathing

sun/water bathing - quick sip while i lay there

Enjoying the sun on the way home from the beach

Tired from all my running around at the park

Where did all my blankets go????
Clean Fresh Blanket Goodness!  Thanks Devin!!



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