Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Help I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up....

Last night I did quite a bit of trashing about on my bed. If one had to compare me to something, I would be best described as a face clock.  Tick tick tick round and round I went...

I started out in one position and moved my way around my bed. At one point Devin heard a bang, and looked down. This is what I was up to:

 2 o'clock  position- feet

Uhm, hello, Some help here??



I could maybe stay like this....

Z zz z z z  not so bad

Back legs lookin' a bit off

Supa star!

Z z z z

A little tangled up


Much better

Z z z z 



  Active night in bed. Any wonder why I need to sleep all day.

This evening when Devin came home, I was brought out right away.  Devin took the left side of the stairs.  THE LEFT SIDE IS MY SIDE.  Devin was about half way up the stairs when i decided to barrel into the back of Devin's legs. Devin buckled, I went sailing backwards down the stairs; not too many steps, but enough that i landed on the bottom up against the electric baseboard - Much to Devin's horror.  No cuts. CHECK. We were good to go.

After my quick out, I came in and had supper while Devin jumped into the shower.  Devin told me we had to bring the truck into Newington (wherever that is??) to have it looked at;  AND that we were going to see Mama Fae and Brittany  :)

I had a nice little road trip.  I was greeted by Brittany. She's nice, I like her pats and scratches.  She also protected me from the cat.  The cat tried to run at me a few times, but Brittany was quick to reroute it!
*phew* It could have torn me apart - Everyone wants to be skinny, but no one realizes the problems you run into when you have so little fat and thin skin.  Small little cut could mean big trouble!

We hung out there for a bit while the truck was being looked over, then home we came.  Busy day!
I'll have to update you all on my not so nice attitude I took with Nana today - another time.

Bedtime!   4am comes tooooo early!

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