Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Escaped Tongue Syndrome (ETS)

ETS (Escaped Tongue Syndrome) – greyhound tongue very often is hanging out of their mouth , usually when he is sleeping or during afternoon nap; it indicates that the dog is very happy.

This morning Devin and I went for a quick walk; we were both very happy to cut it short this morning, it was a touch on the cold side.   After breakfast we crawled off to bed.  I took up a spot on my bed.  I tossed and turned there for a bit before settling in then for a bit; then i went off to my nest.
Thinking about getting comfy

Devin and I went for a quick out around lunchtime:
Me and my shadow

 Nana stopped by for a few moments, I wasn't sure what was going on. Was Devin going, What I going?
Why's Nana here??

Giving the "eye"

Not settling in, not sure who's coming and who's going...
 After Nana left Devin and I crawled back off to bed....



 I think it's safe to say that I've officially settled into my new home with Devin...


Monday, February 27, 2012

Sleepy Day

We were up early this morning, Devin made me breakfast, then went back to bed. After I was done gobbling up my food I curled up on my bed in Devin's room.  
I crashed out pretty fast, but Devin had to listen to my nails as i shifted around on the bed. I tend to drag those across the wall and the closet door.  I think Devin is about to invest in some bumper pads for me. hehe

Post breakfast sleepies:

After my nail dragging against the wall nap, I decided to wander off to be "nest" for some more sleepies. 
A little while after, I got up and wandered down the hall and looked in at Devin.  Devin must have heard me coming, we looked at each other for a moment, Devin called me into the room, but i did my usual.  Looked, wandered off back to bed.  Devin got up and tried to get me out of my nest.  Today that required:
1/2 milk bone
2 pcs freeze dried pumpkin

As soon as the milkbone hit the bowl i slipped out from my "nest".   

The sun was out and shining, but the wind was kinda harsh.  We walked a fair distance, did my thing, and then turned around to come home. 

I have some OCD traits.  When we come in from a walk, I always go down the hall towards my nest, NEVER do i cut through the kitchen (which would be the shorter distance), I then grab a drink of water, then head off into my nest.  Without fail this is my "pattern" I follow each and every time.   We are all quirky in our own way.

Hanging out with "the twins" yesterday sure made me sleepy today; more so than usual.  I think it's going to be a "nest" day today.

Nana comes tonight! :)


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Afternoon Date With "the twins" and "Angel"

Devin and I went over to Melissa's and Sherry R's for a visit today.  I played out back with the "Twins" - Ellie and Bella.  Angel just kinda did her own thing. I think she was happy i was there as a distraction. hehe*

The twins tried to get me to play with them, and a few times they jumped up at me. I was tolerate for a while, then I barked/growled into the air; that made them knock it off for a bit.  *sigh* kids...soooo full of energy!

They taught me this "bad" trick.  Devin turned around for a moment to pick up after me, and saw that I was standing in the middle of the pool.  Devin told me to get out of there, I stood around sniffing for a few moments, then decided Devin meant business, i made a straight line outta there.  Another time too the twins and I ran across it.  Today was the first time ALLLL Winter that I found myself standing in the middle of the pool.   Those girls are a bad influence.

Chillin' like a villain
Catchin' some sun before we went out for the afternoon.

Uhm, Devin... You forgot something...The door to my nest???
I was a bit panic stricken thinking I was going to be left behind this afternoon.
I settled down....
Road trip!!!
Hangin' out with the laaaaadies

follow the leader

annnnd separate!
they followed me around the backyard

sticking by me for the most part
Lets go.....

Prancing pony feet
hanging out by the pool

Hey? Where ya going??

come on Milo! Play!

 Once inside the house, they girls were sneaky.  When I wasn't looking or at the other end of the couch, one would come up to me and steal whatever I was just chewing on.  ball...deer antler....You name it, they came up to me all sneaky like, looking at me, looking at the object, looking back at me; accessing if it was okay to steal stuff.  They carefully put their teeth around the object and made off.  

Even while I was chewing on the antler the girls poked their face near mine; I didn't fuss at all, they were curious, and I didn't mind.... Nom nom nom

Melissa gave me the orange ball in lieu of the rope toy  - I saw threw those

nom nom antler nom

Ellie liked to rest her head on the futon, whole Bella sniffed around

Sharing the futon
Ellie just liked to be close....

We both had antlers to nom nom nom on :)   She did manage to steal the one i was chewing on though - sneaky....verrry sneaky!

The twins are inseparable - Those are my feet :)

A little hello
merrrrr - feeling a little awkward
Thinking about a nap
One of the girls came to lay near me...
Devin's foot is the best!  Fills under my neck just grrreeeyyt!
Must you sniff???
Le sigh....
I'm ready to go home Devin.....
Whoa is me....

Teef n' hairy toes

While Devin gathered our things, I found a wiffle ball!!!!! :D  The girls look on

Home Sweet Home....