Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Chill Sorta Day - Sleepy weekend

Night shift weekend:
Yesterday I did some of this....

 Then a little bit of this....

 And a little bit of that....

Nana came by last night. She sure was tricky! The cranberry trick didn't work for me, but when Nana clicked open the cookie jar a few times, i came running.

This morning Devin came home a little bit early from work with an upset tummy. I sure know what those are like!   We went for a quick short "out", back home, breakfast and bed.  z  z z
I started out in the bedroom on my bed, then wandered off to my "nest" for the remainder of the day.
I woke Devin a few times with my "Creeping" ways. I wandered (what i thought was quietly, maybe Devin has those parental spidey senses) down the hall a few times, peeked into the bedroom for the distance, looked around down the hall, then wandered back into my "nest".

Back to bed now for a little bit longer.  Devin threw me off by taking a shower, then getting ready to go back to bed. Devin normally leaves after the shower.  What's going on???  After giving "the look" to Devin, i relaxed back inside my "nest".    Progess...


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