Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Blahs

I like it when there is fresh snow on the ground.  I get an evil case of the zoomies! hehe  Last night I tried to take Nana for a run a few times. Good thing she had me close by when I decided to try and launch myself forward.

Devin worked nights these past few days.  I've done really well on my own.  Each night I've been given a cup of food, then just before Devin heads out the door  I'm given the balance of my supper in my KONGS. 

No crying, upset no nothing.  Shannon from Shannoncourt was right!

Since Devin relocated my first bed into my "nest", i haven't slept much in the bedroom. I'll go in there for a little bit, but for the most part i can be found out in my "nest".  The current bed beside the "big bed" isn't as comfy.  Devin tried to jack it up with blankets n' stuff, but it's just not the same. Meh*

Here's a rare glimpse of me sleeping on my bed in the bedroom.

Put your right foot in, take your right foot out... *la la* shake it all about......

Body pillow has been keeping me from getting under the bed. foiled!

zz  z z  zz
Decided to join the land of the living  - well kinda

 While Nana dropped by today we did some "target training".  I was tuckered out  after my session.
I'm really doing well with the "COME MILO" command.  Well only during the training sessions, but it will come. :)

After supper Devin managed to round me up and put me in my jacket.  Apparently it was time to go outside. *ugh*  I had already been out this morning at 6am.  Isn't that enough????
Protesting "out".  When Devin closes my "nest" door, I first try and hide in my usual spot (between my "nest" and couch) as of late I've tried to go between the kitchen table and my "nest". I try and slink around the table, but Devin always catches me and redirects me towards the door.

Also in SAD NEWS****
Nan is moving at the end of April :(  Her and her family are moving back to town.  I've gone from 2 greyt friends to having no greyt friends (soon).  First Lucy, now Nan.  Maybe come spring I can make some more at the park??  Just not the same....


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