Monday, February 27, 2012

Sleepy Day

We were up early this morning, Devin made me breakfast, then went back to bed. After I was done gobbling up my food I curled up on my bed in Devin's room.  
I crashed out pretty fast, but Devin had to listen to my nails as i shifted around on the bed. I tend to drag those across the wall and the closet door.  I think Devin is about to invest in some bumper pads for me. hehe

Post breakfast sleepies:

After my nail dragging against the wall nap, I decided to wander off to be "nest" for some more sleepies. 
A little while after, I got up and wandered down the hall and looked in at Devin.  Devin must have heard me coming, we looked at each other for a moment, Devin called me into the room, but i did my usual.  Looked, wandered off back to bed.  Devin got up and tried to get me out of my nest.  Today that required:
1/2 milk bone
2 pcs freeze dried pumpkin

As soon as the milkbone hit the bowl i slipped out from my "nest".   

The sun was out and shining, but the wind was kinda harsh.  We walked a fair distance, did my thing, and then turned around to come home. 

I have some OCD traits.  When we come in from a walk, I always go down the hall towards my nest, NEVER do i cut through the kitchen (which would be the shorter distance), I then grab a drink of water, then head off into my nest.  Without fail this is my "pattern" I follow each and every time.   We are all quirky in our own way.

Hanging out with "the twins" yesterday sure made me sleepy today; more so than usual.  I think it's going to be a "nest" day today.

Nana comes tonight! :)


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