Sunday, February 5, 2012


I worried Devin some this morning.  We did our usual morning ritual before "work", only today I went trotting to the door with a look of concern on my face. I was pacing and panting while Devin was getting ready.

I finally calmed down some when Devin went over to the couch and sat down for a bit.  I wandered on into my "nest". Devin waited a few moments then got up and went to leave for work. I ran right back to the door.
Devin told me that Nana would be here later and that we'd see each other later. I wasn't convinced....

Devin closed the door while I gave my perfected "sad look".    I didn't fuss, Devin made it down the hall, and up the stairs.  No peep. Then the heavy door closed :(

Ah well, I have the next couple of days to hang out with The Devin.

When Devin came home from work I was curled up on the bed pressing against the pillows.  I found my new favorite spot.  It didn't take me long to connect Devin + home = DINNER!!!!! I rolled back and forth on the bed, then jumped to my feet and bolted off the bed. I ran right to my dish waiting for Devin to "feeeeeed my beeelllllyyy".   We went outside for a quick walk first though.  Not too far, but far enough to get things done.  Back home we came, supper was served, gobbled that up long with my pillow that was "hidden" in the pumpkin.  More pumpkin than pill. Makes things tolerable.

After my feast I tired to my "nest".  Devin gave me an after dinner snack (small milkbone!!!).

Bed time again....  beauty rest - it's how i maintain my ridiculously good looks :) hehe


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