Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Day At The Park...

My day started off slow.  I couldn't be bothered to go outside....

But i'm so comfy.....

oh yeah...found my spot

z z   z
Devin snapped photos of me while I was sleeping...


I like to sleep with my front paws and sometimes back paw crossed :)

Giving Devin the look - I DON'T WANT TO GO OUTSIDE
Le sigh... fine... Just give me a minute...

Before we went outside Devin put those stupid blue balloons on my feet. I really don't like them. I'll stand there with my head almost between my front feet (hanging so low) and my tail up through my back legs... Me no likey :(

Once outside Devin told me we were going in the car for a drive to the park.  YAY!!!! I slipped my way to the car. Those balloons give me no traction.  Thankfully Devin took them off once I got inside the car.

I had a nice clean car hammock and blankets in the back of the car.  It didn't take me long to get comfy and crash out.  

Devin packed my red (evil) boots in hopes they would protect my feet at the park.
Oh where are we?? are we there yet??

omg omg omg omg park!!!
Really, Devin? Is this necessary??  These are as slippery as my blue balloons :(  I stood by right there for about 3 mins until another dog came into the park.  When I went to check him out one of my boots fell off.  Devin said enough of that and took them off.   I was much happier.

tra la lalala 

I didn't sustain any booboo's today at the park.  While we were there, 4 other dogs came.  A female husky got a little rangy with me when she first came into the park. I like that she was jumping around on me, i let out a good growl/bark and she backed off in a hurry. I wasn't bothered by her after that.  

I was more into hanging hanging out with the human's.   It was a bit too cold to just be hanging out at the park, so we decided (well Devin did) to head back home.

zonked from my time at the park

zz z  z  z

Devin fixed up a few of my toys that have been in the sick bay for a few months.  FINALLY!
I LOVE my baseball stuffie!  We played toss down the hall a few times. I'm sometimes not so great at knowing my size VS walls; i spun in a hurry and connected my left side with the corner of the wall. I did get the ball, but let out a few cries as i walked back to Devin with the ball.  Catch play time was then over :(

K, Enough Devin?

pant pant - chewing is tiring business!!

please stop with the photos....

Nap time!  tired of chewing/flossing my teeth on my baseball - I be calling it a night!


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