Saturday, February 11, 2012

To Nana's house we go....

All dressed and ready to go..

Devin and I went for an evening stroll.  The temperature dropped so before striking out Devin dressed me up all snugly warm; chillydog jacket and head muff.

I decided to walk Devin on our summer route. Devin tried to turn me around and go back home twice, I was focused on walking forward, not turning around.  Devin gave up and on we went. hehe**

On our way home we stopped in at Nana's and Papa Geo's to warm up.  I was toasty warm when all my winter gear came off. I could have easily walked the rest of the way home. 

Nana got my blankets for me, I crashed out on there for a bit.  Rye-Lee found his squeaky ball (which was laying beside him on the top of the couch) I sprung out of my dead sleep looking for the squeak.  Nana was quick to remove the ball and put it to higher ground before anyone got carried away.

On our walk home we met up with Nan and JP.  Nan ran for me as usual. I would have done the same had I not been so bundled up. 

Now that we're back inside I've wandered off to my "nest" for the night. 

I'd like to mention something*****
I'm getting better with my separation anxiety.  Today when Devin went to do the laundry I didn't fuss at all. This is great progress for me. Up until last week when Devin would go do the laundry I'd be running down the hall with alert ears, as soon as the door would close I'd either be on it or working up to a cry.

Things I've overcome:
1) Keys - When Devin would pick up a set of keys that would trigger me into an anxiety state. Pace, Pant, following.

2) Laundry - I used to fuss and carry on as soon as Devin would step out the door.

3) *Working now on not fussing when Devin gets dressed to join the outside world* :)


All dressed up and waiting for Devin

Rye-Lee on the back of the couch. After drinking Rye-Lee's bowl of water, I plopped myself down on the floor.

I followed Nana to the snack cupboard!

Uh, Nana you forgot something...
Thanks Nana!

Cuddly :)

z  z  z

Back in the winter clothing...Hittin' the road :)
Ready Devin??

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