Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard...

This afternoon Devin and Nana went to town for a little bit. Before leaving I was panting and pacing up a storm while Devin got dressed. 
I was given my KONGS (only 3 of them this time) and Devin flipped on the Country music station for me.

I gobbled up my KONGS while Devin was gone, upon the return Devin had to carefully open the door. I had plopped myself down against the door.  I was really happy to see Devin!  I had been on the carpet for sometime, (Devin felt the rug, it was quite warm).

Devin is modifying my bed in "our" bedroom. In the process of trying to unzip my bed cover Devin broke the zipper :(  
For the now Devin's memory foam has been folded up and put on to of my bed, covered up with a fuzzy blanket.

My new setup.  Devin's on the ground with me (new bed coming)

Just another manic ...Thursday  :)

If you could read my mind.........

 I found a comfy spot on Devin's bed :)


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