Friday, February 17, 2012

Closing One Chapter :)

Janet called a few moments ago to let us know that my kidneys are functioning just fine.
There were no crystals in his fields. Devin let her know that I've been given frozen cranberries here and there, she said that was okay.  We'll continue on with the NOW! brand food as it seems to be doing the trick.


We went for a walk this morning, on our way around the big loop something caught my eye.  A red squirrel came running across the road with its tail held high, my ears perked up as I watched it run. I picked up a bit of a pace to check things out, but I didn't run after it.  Devin told me that squirrels are our friends not the enemy.    We continued our stroll over to Nana's.  

Nana was greyt! and brought up my blankets from the basement.  She always has a nice nest for me to lay on.  I have this quirk that I like to do every time i'm at Nana's. She has this fern plant that i feel compelled to walk under each time I go there.  It brushes against my back; I make the leaves fall on the ground. 

Early this morning I came into the bedroom after my breakfast. z  z   zz
shift* hiding my face
Thinking about going out....
Oh I don't know Devin.... Do we really have to go out??

Maybe we could just lay here for a bit.....

Giving the eye....

Enjoying a patch of sun at Nana's

 Back home, resting until Devin has to go to work. Nana will come over later to hang out with me :)
I love my Nana!


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