Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Squeak Squeak :)

I decided it would take too much energy to go to bed last night, that being said, I stayed in my "nest".
Devin apparently came to say goodnight to me last night, but didn't hear a sound -  DREAMLAND.

At around 2330hrs I got up for a small drink of water; it also seemed like a good time for me to grab my newly fixed toy and play *squeak squeak squeak*.  I swear Devin sleeps with one ear open. 
I didn't think I was being that loud.....

battt batt battt

The stare off

Round 2

Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Beeeeeee - Working on my boxing moves
And I think.....

no more photos please, contact my publicist...

 Yeah, that was fun for all of 3mins.  It's good to let the crazies out, ya know?
Back into my nest
Are you going to stop with the photos?
Thank you :)  Goodnight  z z z z zzz...

 After breakfast this morning I decided to join Devin in the bedroom.  With my full belly, it didn't take long for sleep to come find me again.

Where are you going? Is it time to get up already??

 I was quick and retreated into my "nest" while Devin made and ate breakfast.  It was already time for another nap.
Sleeepies.  Deceiving isn't it? Always...Keep..One...Eye...Open....

And roll over.. You want me to go where??
 We finally went for our morning walk around 10am. Devin normally runs a tight ship on my out times.

Devin was pretty sneaky this morning.  I laid in my "nest" being fed little pieces of Arful's.  At one point it was almost too much of an effort to extend my neck to take a piece. I'm not silly, I know Devin will bring it forward to me if I hold my stance.  A few pieces were dropped into my bowl.  Devin TRICKED ME!!!
The door opened, I thought Devin might have stepped out. Nope! Just as I popped up and started to gobble up my snacks, Devin reappeared!!!  Sneaky..Very Very Sneaky....  I didn't complain, Devin put on my runaway collar and told me that it was time to go outside.  I walked sllllllooowwwly to the door, got my jacket on, and other collar/leash and off we went.

We did the summer circuit. Towards the last stretch of the walk I was lagging behind.  Devin told me that we were almost "home".  I picked up pace for a short burst.  When I say picked up pace, I took a few quick steps them resumed my snail pace.   I do enjoy my leisure walks-- once I've been convinced to go.

Once back home. It didn't take me long to find my way back into my nest.  I was bathing myself when Devin interrupted me with the squeaky toy I was busy playing with at 2330hrs last night. (video to come)


 Night shift tonight - That means Nana comes over for a visit!!!
Nana= KONG :)


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