Thursday, February 23, 2012


Much like Devin was before with the couch then going to bed, I like to start out in my "nest" then migrate to my bed in Devin's bedroom. 

When Devin's alarm went off this morning I perked right up.  The sound of ship horns and waves crashing signals that it's breakfast/supper time! :)

Later on in the day Nana came by to take me out for a stroll.   Nana is convinced that I'm trying to kill her.
I heard her say last night something about having to start walking again; I thought i'd help her along with her intentions. hehe

When Devin came home tonight I was on my way to greet at the door. 
Devin served up a mean dish of NOW! While I was busy gobbling up my food, Devin closed my "nest" door. I felt so lost. I normally retire to the "nest" after supper for an old man nap.

We went to town to pick up another bag of food.  The ladies who work at PetValue gush all over me.
I'm always getting tons of loving and told how handsome I am. 

I picked a stuffie that I wanted to take home with me.  I wanted this LONG one, but Devin told me that i'd bust the squeaker in no time, and there was only in there.   I picked me a DRAGON!!! 

I was proud as could be with it.  I laid on the floor in the store chomping on it, everyone thought I was cute. hehe   When it was time to leave  i picked it up and walked out to the car with it in my mouth.  I didn't drop it once!

My bad though - I broke the squeaker within minute of having it in the truck.

z  z z  * starting out last night in my nest

Devin gave me my KONGS just before leaving for work this morning. NOM NOM NOM

Door shut on my "nest" I'll just pout on my frog....

look into my're getting very..... blurry??

Checking things out...

Curled up on my football. Arriving at Nana's.

Devin told Nana we weren't staying long, so no need to get my pillow/blankets.  DRAGON was a good headrest...
Le sigh...

Tired from playing

z  z  z z

Nap time....

Nom nom nom - airing my mouth out.

Cuddling up with DRAGON and Devin

Please Nana, May I have Another??  Nana gave me a bowl of that YUMMY water.  I drank and licked the bowl dry.

Back home we go, curled up with my loot



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