Saturday, February 11, 2012

Exhausted - Fun Morning At The Park *video*

Devin and I were up at 7am this morning; we slept in!

I had breakfast and my pill then we went back to bed.  An hour or so later Devin got up and showered.
I tend to get a bit worked up (see below parental note) when Devin gets dressed for the outside world.
Once I settled down, Devin asked me if I was coming along.  Off we went into the truck!


The truck was cold when we got inside. Devin covered me up with my jacket to keep me warm. I snuggled down in and tried to cover my face the best I could.   I nodded off, before I knew it we were slowing down to enter near the park. :)

First inside the park I found my FAVORITE PARK TOY!!! THE WHEEL WITH ROPES WAS BACK!!!!!!
I gave that a quick sniff then ran off to do what I had to do first.  Even with the fresh snow on the ground it was sure slippery!.

Devin gave the tire a  few kicks for me and I slid out of control, i wiped out a few times on either sides of my hips.  I looked disgusted when I stood up. No lips or cries, just hurt pride. Devin told me I was alright and off I went.  I trotted myself over to the pine tree. There isn't any ice and hardly any snow under the tree.
Devin said "Good thinking Milo!".  We played under the tree with my football for a bit.  Then I just kinda stood around.  It's not much fun when you can't run full speed after things.

Soon there was a BIG Doberman who came to the park. Zeus!  We sniffed each other n' for the most part ignored each other.  Soon after Zeus arrived Jake and his brother came!!
I met Jake back in the summer. He's part Greyhound - I'm not quite sure what part greyhound he is, HIS HUGE!  He's the size of a bernese mountain dog (colours of a yellow lab).  Maybe his eyes. He does give those pitiful greyhound eyes.  Hehe*  

Anyway, Jake's mom shuffled around the park trying to get Jake's brother to chase her (he's doesn't like Jake to play with other dogs, he's kind of controlling like that, and he tries to do "naughty" things to other dogs")  I followed Jake's mom for a bit, then came back to Devin. 

I was starting to tire and it was cold out there; regardless of having my coat on-- I went to sit down 2 times, Devin took that as my cue to head home.   Jumped up into the truck without any problems.  HOME DEVIN!  Snuggled up under my jacket; out like a light I was.   zZ z z z z alllll the waaayy hommme.

Now that we're home I've curled up inside my "nest".  I plan on staying here for the remainder of the day.


***Parental Note***
Milo seems to begin his stress/anxiety attacks after I get out of the shower and start to get dressed.
I decided to lay down a few times while getting dressed to confuse him some. It seemed to work; he would settle down I'd wait a minute, get up and get continue getting dressed.
Each time I laid down he calmed down. He was still breathing heavily, but NOT panting or pacing.

I read an article on stress/anxiety and it mentioned that at the first sign/trigger you should stop what you're doing (to throw them off pattern), repeat the steps that you did before the anxiety showed itself.  Eventually the dog will learn that it's no big deal.  This might mean getting dressed several times before actually making out the door. haha****

Months back he had troubles when I'd pick up a set of keys, he'd run like a mad fool to the door or wherever I was at.  Eventually he broke of this habit/behavior.  I am optimistic that he will break of this behavior too.   All in time.

Heading to the dog park - the truck was cold. Thanks for covering me Devin!

 Oh are we here???


tra la la la

I wiped out a few times over near the tire (black spot down the center of the photo)

Can we play here??

Much better!!

I whip my tail back and forth I whip my tail back and forth!!


Checkin' things out

Meh - Getting bored

Oh! what's that....

game on

Are you talkin' to me?? Are you talkin' to me??


Home time....
Uh a little help here Devin?
Much better, thanks!

Z z z  zz

Oh, We're home?



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