Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dr visit, Nana Visits and Parkway Exploring.

What a full, busy day!

We got up early and had breakfast.  Then Devin chased me around while i tried to go for my morning pee.
Devin had to take a sample in for Janet this morning.  I was a good boy with Janet today.  I had my nails clipped and that spot looked at on my thigh. Janet wasn't concerned at this point with it.  She thinks maybe it could have something to do with all my crate lounging. We shall keep an eye on it.

She was surprised to hear that I only go out 2-3 times a day.  Her whippets go out at least 4 times.
Devin told her that I'm pretty lazy and it takes everything to eject me from my crate.   Janet suggested using a treat to get me to come out.  Devin didn't get a chance to tell her that I'm pretty headstrong and only come out when I want to.   Janet was also told about the time when Devin tried to force me out with my collar and leash, how Devin felt like my head was going to come from my shoulders.  That's when "treat" was mentioned to try and get me out.

All in all it was a good visit. A real quick one, just the way I like it.  Janet also asked how I was doing with my Clomicalm.  Devin told her that it seems to be working, although there is a bit of an issue when Devin gets showered and ready to leave, I start my pacing and panting.  Janet asked if Devin considered getting another greyhound for me.  :) :) :) :)   Devin said at this time it just wasn't possible, as i'm costing a small fortune. hahaha  Everyone laughed and we left it at that. :(
I guess that means I'm not getting a brother or sister anytime soon :(

Once back home we stopped in to see Nana.  Rye-Lee and I were given a snack *YUM*
We didn't stay very long, then back home we came.  I was quick to find my nest.

Around 1pm Devin decided it was time I get moving again. Good grief! can I not just be left alone to sleep???  Just because Devin is up, doesn't mean everyone else has to be up *hmpft*

Devin rounded me up into the truck- I was all too happy to load in.  We drove down the parkway to one of the islands, pulled up and jumped down to wander about. 

We wandered around there for a while, got back into the truck and made our way home; well to Nana's again for a quick visit.  MORE snacks :)

I was panting up a storm so Nana gave me a few ice cubes to chew on.  I laid on the floor on top of Nana's feet, I can keep track of Nana this way. Hehe*

I plopped down on the daybed while Devin showed Nana something on the computer.  Devin asked me if i was ready to go home, I jumped up in a hurry!  Nana and Devin both agree it would be nice if I did this when it was time to go out.   Keep dreaming!

Now that we're back home I have crawled off into my nest.  I'm beat.


Last night I wasted no time getting up on the big bed. Devin did laundry! :)
out like a light

When Devin came to bed I was all sprawled out:

Devin crawled into bed, I "moved" over.  We shared the space for a bit until Devin asked me to "move" on to my bed - for fear that I'd roll off the bed.  

Laying too close to the edge for Devin's comfort.

In the car, heading to see Janet:

whoa is me....
somebody's watching meeeee (creep kitten eye staring)
Devin cracked the window - sniffin'

Side smile

Looking back to where we've been...

Devin tried to motivate me to get up and go outside for a walk.... *fail*
Blanket cuddles
more cuddles
I managed to wrap the blanket around my head
Devin uncovered me -  Told me i was going to affixiate myself :(
but i don't want to go....
 Motivation SUCCESS!
back in the car we go....

We found grass!!!!
Checking things out

Oh, what's that??

Checkin' out the view

Model Pose 1

Model Pose 2

We walked closer to the water to check out the shifting frozen ice.
Model Pose 3
Ello :)

snow blind, camera flash blind - are we done Devin??

on our way home we stopped by another island area
Thinking *

better reception when you cross them (ears)

Football neck support :)
Hangin' out on Nana's daybed
Nana lovin' :)

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