Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day - 1st Valentine's Day *video*

Devin found me out in my "nest" this morning.  I was woken up with a "Good Morning Milo, Happy Valentine's Day, I love you".  I raised my head some - I was snuggled way in the back of my "nest".  Devin popped open the cookie car and I came flying out. :)

Good Morning to you too Devin!
Still licking my lips - Cookie lips!

Model Pose 1

Ignoring Devin....

Decided to go back to bed before we went out for our walk this morning.....

Nana came by this afternoon to take me out.  Silly Nana, she thought she was being sneaky by closing the door on my "nest" before I made it from the bedroom (where I normally hang out) into my nest.  At the last moment Nana saw that I was tucked away at the back.  SURPRISE NANA!!!! I beat you to it! hehe

When Devin came home I was at the door with my tail wagging a mile a minute.  Devin said hi to me and we went into the living room.   Devin disappeared into the kitchen and came out with a BIG plushy gift for me! I wasted no time getting into it.  After my birthday and Christmas, I'm a PRO at opening gifts!!!

Devin didn't have a chance to read the card to me before I went crazy town on the gift.
Oh what is this???? nibble nibble

Head stuck down inside the paper

Having fun with the wrapping paper (stuffy inside my "nest")

"For a special grandson "Milo" "

Love Nana, Papa George and Uncle Rye-Lee

Oh...My...God...This is wonderful!!!!!!!!
Cuddling after Devin told me it was for sleepies, not eating.

More cuddles

But.... I thought it squeaked...
Enough with the photos Devin.
Valentine's Day Supper

I'd like to point out (again) the amazing hair growth on my hind legs! :)  I did that myself! :)

Back into my "nest"

Cuddle buddies

 Oh a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise, on our way back home from our evening stroll I saw Nan! :)
We were both playing hard to get tonight.


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