Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick Note

I found me a comfy spot on the big bed yesterday.  :)

This morning while Devin jumped into the shower I decided to have a little fun on my own.  Normally I steal the toilet paper rolls from the garbage, today I decided to have an all out fling fest with my blue bunny.  When Devin got out of the shower, the causality was laying in the hallway.

Nana came by this afternoon with some yogurt for me! :)
Nana's are the bestestest!  She even let me lick the lid *yum!*

We went for a short walk then back we came, KONG time.  My day really wasn't overly exciting today.
Sleep, Walk, Snack, Devin, walk, eat, clean, Nap....  It's a rough life.

Almost time for bed...


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