Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is That A Smile Or Are You Unhappy To See Me....

Nana stopped and dropped off some pumpkins snacks for me.  Nana fed me one of them inside my crate, then got me outside of my crate by laying down my KONG towel; I came running out and accept the other pumpkin snack.  After I gobbled that up I ran into my crate.  Nana got me an ice cube, i came out for that but ran back inside my crate with it.

Just before Nana went to leave she came over to my crate to give me pat goodbye. Nana wasn't sure if my lip was stuck on my tooth or what was going on.  She asked Devin about it, Devin came over to check things out. Nana tried to pet me again, I let out a snarl/growl, my front teeth along with gums were showing. Nana whipped her hand out of there in a hurry; she managed not to get nipped.   Nana's heart was racing, and Devin looked pretty pale.

Devin quickly told me NO.  Proceeded to pet me in the same spot Nana did (just in case I had a sore mouth or something), i didn't make a peep.  Devin was able to pet the side of me that was leaning up against the crate (from the outside).  Nana tried, stress could be seen on the top of my head.  
Devin suggested that Nana remove her winter coat, maybe that was what was bothering me, off the coat came, Nana pet me from the outside.  No snarls this time.

Nana told me she still loved me.  Devin fed me supper shortly after Nana had left.  My crate door was closed, I had no place to run off into.   I quickly found a spot on my bed beside Devin's. 

Devin told me that we were going out, I wasn't looking too impressed; i just laid there.  Devin went and got my collar, and told me to "move move". So that's what I did. I tried to slink my way to my closed crate.
I was redirected towards the door.

We called Nana to see if she wanted to go on a "peace walk" with us.  Nana did.  I was all tail wags when I saw Nana in her driveway.

We walked around part of the loop; stopping at the church. As soon as i got near the stairs i just wanted to go right up them.  Devin asked if I had  little Devil that needed to get out of me.  Up I continued to walk.
I made it about halfway then Devin/Nana had me turn around.

Peace Walk was successful.  Perhaps it's just an off day.  Time will tell....
Laying in my nest "post-nana" episode.

squinty eyed look

whoa is me....

Nana holding on to me

just a little closer...

Back home, back in my nest. I wasted no time getting there.
Devin said that Nana should come to the next meeting with Shannon at Shannoncourt.

Tomorrow is another day ....


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